10 Tips On How Partners Can Develop A Home Business But Be Independent

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Partners Can Develop A Home BusinessOften times when a home based business ideas is being discussed partners can run into the problem of both wanting to have a business at home but fear that there will be conflict of space, time and selling issues.

How To Overcome These Partner Problems

I see two main problems:

  1. spending too much together
  2. competing with a similar product

Those are areas that should be discussed and decided upon.  It is best to talk about problems earlier rather than later when a pent up blast really upsets the whole household.  As long as both get along quite well then there really should be no problem.

For example, even if you had a store on eBay you could both be adding your own items that you make or source.

A lot of the problems evolve around attitude, so if you do talk it through and go into it with the right attitude of togetherness or individuality which ever suits you both, you can build a very good home business income together.

My husband and I have both been working at home for the past 3 years and I must admit it has even surprised me how well we get on! (Did he just see me write that?? Oh, well!)  We do have our spats every now and then.

But this is how we manage:

  1. we work in separate areas of the house
  2. we have our own interests and areas of business although in our case both of us are working online
  3. try as we might we try not to disturb each other but it does happen for both of us so you just have to be patient with that one, although if one of you is in the house and other working in the garage or garden it would not be such a problem
  4. learn to bite your tongue
  5. if you feel tired, tell your partner so they know to back off a bit
  6. have chores that each of you are responsible for and help each other if one is tired
  7. be encouraging but honest, and most definitely not derogatory
  8. make suggestions but reinforce that it is your idea only and may not suit, just an option
  9. have time away from each other by shopping, hobby, sports or whatever
  10. have some nice times together with a glass of wine, a dinner out or what ever suits you both

If you both like the idea of working from home then work to overcome any difficulties you may face because, if you are like me, you just love the freedom and flexibility.


Kaye Dennan is an experienced home business owner/online marketer of 7 years with a further 25 years as a small business owner. Her latest Kindle ebook is HOME BUSINESS IDEAS FOR WOMEN OF ALL AGESKaye has started a Home Business series to help home based business owners.




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