Think Laterally For Add-on Business Ideas And More Income

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Add-on Business Ideas And More IncomeOwning a business can be made a lot more fun if you are prepared to think laterally and keep looking for ideas to take advantage of.  When I had my ceramic studio folk art became very popular and I thought, “Well, I have the teaching area here and I don’t use it all week so why not have folk art classes?” I contacted a teacher who taught at her home some miles away and asked her if she would like to come to the studio to teach on her off days from her own teaching.  She was really happy to do that and all I had to do to kick it off was put a few cheap ads in the local paper.

This generated a good income as I started to also stock the paints, boards and brushes that were being used. It took up time in the studio when I did not have ceramic classes and also exposed the ceramic studio to whole new set of artists.

Lateral Thinking Can Increase Income

If you want to increase your income look at your business and see where  you may be able to do so. You might say you are busy but you know I am not saying that you personally have to do the work.  You may be able to do what I did, put someone on to increase income, outsource the work, buy in something to extend a range, offer an extra service (again you might get someone to do that for you or commission the work out) or something a long these lines.

When we had our wedding reception lounge we ran it as it was was when we bought it for a year or so then we thought, “Why not work with photographers, florist and cake decorators to expand our business?” and that is what we did. Taking a small commission for the referral.

Try Not To Lose Focus

I am not suggesting here that you should lose focus on your main income earning source because that would be detrimental to the whole exercise, but try to come up with an idea to bring in extra income but which does not s-t-r-e-t-c-h you time wise or financially.

Kaye Dennan is an experienced home business owner/online marketer of 7 years with a further 25 years as a small business owner. Her latest book is  A BOOK FULL OF HOME BUSINESS SUCCESS TIPSKaye has started a Home Business ebook series to help home based business owners.



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10 thoughts on “Think Laterally For Add-on Business Ideas And More Income

    1. True Dawn, we sometimes get bogged down in the day to day stuff without thinking about how to look at new ideas.

    1. Caylie, thank you and I hope you get the money for your overseas trip and your investment property. Both great goals!

    1. Thank you Linda. Good to see you helping your clients with this thought process.

  1. Great article. This is so important. I try to step back and look at it from a market and a customer point of view. What seems to be a need in the market? And then for the customer, what else can I do to serve them? I believe very strongly that in today’s “relationship” economy, the more we are able to bring in terms of introduction and value the deeper our relationships will be. Just look at Angie’s List and how that business has done. They are a referral service. They pay attention to market need and bring the best to their customers. Good reminder that we can all do the same.
    Kathi Laughman recently posted..Are you an economy maker or an economic refugee?My Profile

    1. Thanks Kathi. I appreciate your comments and encouragement for home business owners.

    1. Teri, thank you for your lovely comment. I am so glad I inspire people. I have had a wonderful business career and I love sharing the hundreds of ideas I have gleaned over time. Would mind if I used your comment as a testimonial. I am happy just to use your first name and your link.

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