Advantages For Work At Home Moms

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Never before has there been so much interest in moms and dads for that matter, staying at home and working there at small home businesses or even as an employee.

Travel, costs and job security are some of the factors causing people to look at staying at home and creating an income.

Advantages of Working at Home

For moms there are many advantages and with this trend for work at home moms there will be fewer ‘latch key kids’ around which will be a good thing for the parents but also for the children.

1.      When a mom works at home she can schedule her time to cope with family responsibilities and also work commitments.

2.      Mothers who have to go away from home to work find that they miss so much of the activities that go on at schools and the gap between child and parent broadens, whereas a parent who can work at home and schedule her time can give the children much more time.

3.      What is interesting that the costs of travel, whether it be public transport, or your own vehicle, work clothing, buying of lunches, hair dos, etc. all add up to quite a significant cost which and when working at home these costs are quite minimal by comparison. Often as much as a days pay a week is spent on these items.

4.      Moms are less stressed because they are there on the job and so they are not worrying about what is going on at home while they are at work.

5.     With careful planning meals can be getting cooked while mom is working.

For Mothers With Small Children

If there are small children in the family the mother can often get some work done during the day, and as the children become toddlers it is much cheaper to get someone like a teenager to pop in after school and entertain the young one for a few hours rather than put the child into day care.

If small children are going to be around the home it will require some strict working guidelines and tactics to get things done.  Such as, when the little one is up do jobs that do not require too much concentration, and when they are in bed do the more difficult tasks.

Working after dinner is a good idea for these moms, so it will be important to instill  early to bed hours right from the get go so that the work can get done.  Or sharing of duties in the household helps at this time as well.

In other posts we explore some of the jobs one can do from home and also some home businesses that a mom can start building up over a period of time into good earning income by the time the children go to school.

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