Effective Advertising Ideas For A Small Home Business

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No matter what the nature and scope of your online business is, you will always need to come up with fascinating and beneficial advertising ideas for a small business that you run.

As home based businesses have no physical front door then marketing is essential. But let’s be clear what marketing is. It is the all encompassing of your brand, your name in the market place such as: business cards, banners, packaging, business colors, online, offline, contests, etc. You can see what I mean by ‘all encompassing’. Whereas when I refer to advertising I mean just that, advertising….which in most cases will be in the media, online ads or with a product like a flyer.

Marketing Tips To Remember:

  • Marketing plays a great role in determining the success of any small business.
  • Once the right tools for marketing are adopted, it becomes easier to come up to the expectations of the customers.
  • Advertisements for a small business must be creative, unique and carry a special meaning, and tells of the benefits to the customer.

Now we are going to discuss a few advertising ideas for small business so that you can set up a marketing plan that works for you.

  • email marketing
  • newspapers advertising and editorials
  • yellow pages
  • internet marketing
  • telemarketing

Internet marketing

One of the most powerful advertising ideas for small business includes marketing over the internet. All you have to do is to get familiar with the internet, use the best means of communicating with online people and letting them know about your services and products. It is a hard task but all the efforts will turn fruitful at the end as you will see a large number of customers coming in.

Email Marketing

You can use emails to communicate with your customers and let them know about your services and products. You can get connected with thousands and thousands of online users while sitting at one place. This way, you may find your targeted customers and next, it depends upon you how you handle them and make a sale.

Advertising through newspapers

If you have a local client base advertising through newspapers can be effective. Although an old method of advertising, it helps small business owners as there is a large population of people who still read newspapers. Many newspaper publishers leave spaces for those business owners who want the public to know about their recent products and services.  It is a great opportunity to describe your services and products with the help of minimum expenses made to the newspaper publishers. Just follow the latest theme and make use of these advertising ideas for small business.

The best way to take advantage of this is to do an ‘advertorial’ which is an ad that you pay for but describes your business and what it does for its clients. Always remember to include your business name, phone no, email address and website.

If you are lucky and have something quite unique you might even be able to get a local newspaper to give you a write up that you won’t even need to pay for. If you do this make sure you do have a paid ad next to the write up with your business name, phone no, email address and website because they most likely won’t put that in the editorial.

Yellow pages

Yellow pages are still popular as traditional business owners use these pages for publicizing their products and services. It is one of the most reliable methods of communicating with the potential customers but can be very expensive so determine if it is worth if for you.


Commercial channels can be expensive but the effect of advertisements done through television has great and long-lasting impact on the general public. Commercials can attract more customers as the audio visual impact of an advertisement is greater than any other form of advertising.


Internet communication has helped a lot in delivering the right message to potential customers. Therefore, telemarketing offers great advantages for those people who are looking towards an effective marketing strategy. In saying that you would have to weigh up if you are getting the results as many people unsubscribe from telemarketing calls.


These are few advertising ideas for small business which can help in the growth of any home based small business. It depends on the business strategy you have adopted and the way you have implemented it for future success.






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