How To Ask The Question and Get The Sale

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get-the-saleA question I sometimes ask is “How do you rate your selling skills?” because lack of selling skills can really hinder the success of a business, especially a home based business due to the fact that there is no ‘walk-in traffic’ and therefore there are not the impulse buys.

With selling there are more ways than one to ‘skin a cat’ but the skill that I have focused on here is about having the confidence to ask for the sale.

Having Confidence In Your Product Or Service

A lot of home businesses are operated with the owner either making a product or actually ‘doing the work’ themselves to produce the income. That work could be craft, woodwork, producing house drafts, bookkeeping, tuition, cooking, house cleaning, event planning or whatever, but at the end of the day the business owner has to sell their skill or the results of their skill.

Most home business owners are hands on with selling and many do not feel 100% confident when it comes to making sales, especially face to face as discussed in this blog.  Unfortunately a lot of people who have the creativity to start their own business are not natural sales people. This can come down to personality or purely and simply their confidence in their own product.

A technique that is a must in a selling situation is asking the question.  In other words literally asking for the sale. Such questions as:

  • would you like to buy that now
  • is this what you would like now
  • do you want to take that with you now
  • is this exactly what you want

Other Ways to Help with Selling

Your business may mean that you have to ask the question by a different means such as:

  • a flyer
  • an email
  • a quote
  • a website
  • a sales page on your website
  • by phone

Asking the Question in a Written Format

What this means is that when you are drafting up any written material, an email, flyer, quote or website sales page, you need to lead the reader to the ultimate question of buying your product. That is why you need to have a “Buy Now”, “Contact Me”, “Fill This Form In” or “Ring For A Quote” type of question at the end of the written material so that the reader knows what to do to get more information or purchase.

You may even have that question once or twice throughout the piece as well, especially if it is a three fold flyer. So make sure you do have that buying question in any written sales material you use.

Selling by Phone

If this is your method, which could also be a second contact after a written first contact, then you need to make sure that you train yourself to “ask the question.”

Don’t just impart the knowledge and leave it at that. Also ask questions of the inquirer, because if they have made the effort to ring you they are just about as good as a solid sale. Make sure you know what they want so that you can solve their problem.

Read more about leading up to a sale and asking the question by clicking here.






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