4 Services I Use EVERY Day For Automating My Online Business

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Automate Online BusinessThe real reason why we are in business is to make money. If you are not then you really are just making money from a hobby and that is OK too. But if you are in a business proper then you need to be committed to spending as much time on your business as you can and therefore you need to automate as much of it as you can.

Here are some of the ways I have automated by business:

  • RoboFormthis is one service that I just could not do without. I use the free version and all you need to do is go to this link and download the free version. With this service you can automate all the sites that you go into with your username and password and you can use a security password and also their data is highly encrypted. I still don’t put my financial data in it, but I have loads of websites I so into on a regular basis and I don’t have to remember the login info. In saying all that, I still keep an exel spreadsheet with all my login information as well on my back up hard drive.
  • Jing – another free download. This allows you to take screen shots as an image or a short video and use it instantly. Great for when you are explaining something to someone as you can email it too.  I have used it in this article and this is what it looks like.You can download it here.
  • Aweber – this is an automated email service which allows you to set up various emails under various names so that you know which clients are keen on which offers that you have made. You can put each of your offers or your various sub-sections of your business under a different group. Very good for knowing which part of your business is creating the most response and even from that will give you a quick look (with a quick calculation) of roughly what is making you the most money. There are several other email services as well, some which are free and some which will cost a little.  Aweber costs $19pm for up to 500 names and at the moment you can sign up for $1 a month.
  • SocialAdr – I love this site and currently have over 70 URLs being backlinked. It is a backlinking site which allows you to backlink for free (up to 10 Links, or pay for more) by using social media sites. What I like about this site is that they limit the amount of links per URL that will go out each day, and you can chop and change which ones you want to go out which gives you some control over appearing to be ‘normally’ backlinking. There is no limit to the number of different sites that you want to put up – the only limit is that each URL can only be put one once and I don’t find that a problem.  Click this for linking through and taking a look at their service.

I honestly could not run my business without these four automated services for my sites. I have over 40 sites for my ebooks and adsense sites and I need the above services to keep my head straight as much as anything else. 🙂

If you have any services that are particularly helpful to you would you like to share in my comments.

I just wanted to add too that if you join any of these services I may get paid a small affiliate commission.



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6 thoughts on “4 Services I Use EVERY Day For Automating My Online Business

  1. I use Aweber and have heard about Jing, but haven’t used it. Thanks for bringing these to my attention – especially RoboForm (that sounds interesting). ~Debra

    1. Can’t live without RoboForm Debra. I have over 800 logins/bookmarks on it! Jing is really simple to use as well.

  2. I use jing to p0ut up short power point videos. I could not find where you used it in your article. sounds wise, using it in email. I never thought of it.

  3. Thanks for these handy tips, Kaye.
    They look very useful, and I’ll give them a try, especially Aweber. I currently use Constant Contact, and I’d like to see how Aweber compares.
    I currently use 1Password. Do you know how Roboform compares?
    About SocialAdr, I’ve heard that Google penalizes websites that get lots of backlinks from something like this. Have you run into any problems?

    1. Robbie, I used to use BMR (build my rank) but they had to take down there site – they have since rehashed it but I have stayed with SocialAdr because I find it so easy to use and as I said I have some control over how long I allow the backlinks to be active so I believe that it looks much more natural that way.I activate and deactivate them twice a week. In saying that SocialAdr restrict to two a day max anyway which is acceptable from everything else I have read anywhere.
      No, I am not familiar with 1Password. All I know is that I probably have over 800 logins/bookmarks saved with Roboform and I have never had any problems, plus you can have it on another computer if you wish.

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