Have you Lost It? Back up your data

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Well, you never know when your business is going to be interrupted do you?

Two weeks ago my trustee computer up and died….I have had it for over 10 years (no wonder it gave up the ghost!). I was so used to it I could almost use it with my eyes closed!

However I have got a new computer now but it has Windows 10 so here I am trying to get all my programs uploaded and working.  I don’t really love all this techie stuff, do you?

Backup Your Data

Consequently it has slowed me down some in my work but now getting back on track.

The upside is that it is giving me a chance to go over some of my older work and update it so that is good.


I can’t stress strongly enough how important it is to backup your work on the computer and in fact any work that is valuable to you and your business.

With my data I have two backup resources: a hard drive for everything and it that stays at home and a USB for the absolute essentials that I carry on my key ring. Two copies is essential and it is better still if one copy is kept off site in case of theft or fire.

For several years I had remote backup and although I was fortunate enough to have no problems in getting data onto my new computer I think I will go back to remote back up. I used Carbonite at that time but there are a number of ways to back up in the ‘clouds’.

If you have not backed up your data then give it some serious thought.

For those who work with hard copies

It is just as important for you to keep copies too.  Photocopy everything of importance and store it off the premises if you can. Or get it copied to a USB.

No-one likes repeating their work so BACKUP and enjoy your free time.



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