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blog contentBlog Content is written for different purposes by various blog admin because some want to purely impart knowledge while others want to not only impart knowledge but also sell from those pages.

But either way similar rules apply because at the end of the day the reader is reading to either gain information or to seek out a product. Therefore this is the reason why writing blog content should follow similar rules.

Our readers today are bombarded with information on the web and that, along with trying to read while coping with other responsibilities like looking after children, information needs to be imparted quickly and clearly.

Here are 7 blog content writing skills that will be appreciated by your readers:

Immediately attract attention

The post needs to start with information immediately either in the form of a H2 header or a brief sentence. Readers want to know whether the blog is worth reading or not.

Before starting your blog

Make a list of the sub-headings you will use (these need to include keywords or at least one keyword) as not only does this give you something to write to but your readers will quickly be able to see sections of the blog that pertains to what they are looking for. These help you break up the text and makes it much more interesting.

Include links in your blog to other posts

In your content place links to other posts similar to the topic you are writing about. Not only does this help in ranking your blog but it also quickly takes your readers to other posts that could be of interest to them. That is obviously helpful to them but also the longer they stay on your blog the more it shows the search engines that you have an informative site and therefore worth ranking.

Another technique that is so valuable to the reader

Using either numbers or bullet points to highlight quickly and concisely information you are sharing. These also work well on the small devices that are so common today.

Call to action should be ‘loud and clear’

There is no point in trying to get your reader to go to a certain purchase or download by only having a small link. Sure have your ‘click here’ link but support that with an image of what you are selling or giving away that you have also linked through to your sales page. If you don’t have an image, place a button there instead.

Proof read your content

Good spelling and grammar are important aspects to having your blog followed. If readers find these errors on a constant basis they will stop following you. Copywriting agencies say that poor proofreading still remains one of the biggest pet hates for users.

Blog Content Style

The style of your blog content is really up to you but keep in mind your followers.

  • Are they business people who will probably want content delivered quick and fast all the time, or
  • Are your followers say retirees who may have a little more time on their hands and who like to sit down and when they read a blog they like to feel they connect with the blogger on a more personal basis

Keep this in mind when you write your content.

Either way, when you are collecting followers you need to be building trust with them.  This is what writing blog content is all about: Building trust so that in the end they will keep following you and/or buying your products or service.

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