3 Things To Bring Your Customers Back For More

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Bring Your Customers Back For More

Why do you want to keep bringing customers back for more? It’s not the money! Well, may be it is but not the money coming in as you would expect.  Did you realize that it is harder to find new clients than it is to keep old clients. And of course, finding new clients costs money. Your older clients won’t cost you so much money but they will expect a certain level of service.

All small business people are aware that they are in a market where there is competition and survival depends on how you can retain your loyal customers and keep new ones coming back. When a customer needs something that you offer then you want to be the first one that comes to mind.

So What Are The Three Things That Your Customers Want From You

1. Good Service – there is nothing more off-putting for a customer than to get poor service. Funnily enough recent studies that customers are less likely to go elsewhere if the service is slow, as long as the service they do get is very good. You might ask, “what is poor service”, well it is:

  • lack of recognition
  • lack of respect which could be rude service, abruptness, lack of eye contact or other habits
  • no interest in helping solve their problem
  • slow service

2. Feeling special – today customers do not part with their money easily and when they do, they do like to feel that you appreciate the fact they have done business with you (this does not need to be ‘sucky up’ stuff) but just a verbal show of appreciation

3. Made to feel special – although it is not always possible, if you can at all find out their name then use it.  We all love to have people use our name because that emphasizes the fact that they are talking to us, and not to everybody else. There is nothing that will make us feel more special than our name being used.

If you do not know their name or have the type of business where it is a quick sale, try to remember them if they are a repeat customer. Even a comment like, “how are you today, did you get relief from the last…. that you bought?”  How do you think that will make them feel when they realize that you have remembered them and their last purchase.

Taking This A Step Further From Your Point Of View

The sooner your customers feel comfortable with you the quicker you can get them on to your database of clients. It is through these initial three steps above that you will quickly be able to multiply your results by offering specials and one off offers to your database and of course, you would tell them this when trying to get their names.


Kaye Dennan is an experienced home business owner/online marketer of 7 years with a further 25 years as a small business owner. Her latest book is A BOOK FULL OF HOME BUSINESS SUCCESS TIPS. Kaye has started a Home Business series to help home based business owners.



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