Business Planning Process For Decision Making

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Business Planning ProcessOften times in business we get told to plan ahead or plan to solve a problem, or whatever, but if you have not learned the business planning process you may not get the results that had hoped for from your attempts.

There is nothing that will bring a business to a stand still quicker than an owner who has become unproductive because they cannot make a decision on a problem, whether the problem be a bad problem or whether it be the step to move forward with the business.  Either way, the boss gets distracted and is not focusing on the business at hand.


Determine the Situation

If you are solving a problem then you need to have a clear idea what the problem is, whether it be a nasty problem or a great one where you are moving forward with your business.

Evaluate goals

Look at all the options for your final outcome (the goal) or as I like to call it your ‘success aspirations.’ Make sure you have a clear guideline here because you don’t want to be solving something that does not exist or chasing something that in the end you don’t really want. Either of those scenarios would be a total waste of your time.

Assess risk

At this point you need to look at all the spin offs to your decisions. Not all end results will be great, but sometimes you have to make a decision that in the short term is not so good, but it is the best long term decision for your business.

Create a Plan

Decide how you are going to go about fixing the problem or getting to where you want to get to. Write down the steps that you will take to get to the result you want.

Implement the Plan

At this point you can now start putting into ACTION what you have decided upon. No amount of planning will get results if you do not put into ACTION what you have decided.  Take confidence that you have come to your decision through a well thought out process.

Review and Revise Plan

Any plan can be reviewed and revised at any stage. No plan has to be set in concrete.  If you made the plan then you have the right to change it.

Some people do have trouble making decisions, they procrastinate so much and in the long rung the opportunity has gone or they are in more strife. Or on a worse and personal level they have become very stressed about making the ultimate decision.

If you find that you have worked well with this system, set it up in your computer with the headings already in place and then you will be able to access it straight away.

Don’t beat yourself up if all does not go well with your decisions. This does happen sometimes even after we give something the best of thought.  After all we can only be responsible for our end of things, not how our decisions affect other people or how they react to our decisions.

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