Repricing Your Product Or Service

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Blindly we keep working away at our business whilst price increases are going unnoticed. Before our every eyes electricity prices are going up, memberships are increasing, communications are increasing in price, along with software and hardware for our computers. Never mind that people who carry stock have repeated increases in stock. Have your home business overheads gone up?  In a previous article I talked about not sitting back in your […]

How Will Business Marketing Keep You Afloat

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The statistics for longevity with small businesses is not great and that is why small business owners need to make it a priority to self-educate themselves about all facets of their business. Home based business owners fall into this category too. You know, one of the main reasons that small business owners fail is often referred to as the lack of funds, but here is the question: “Were the funds […]

Reassess the Overall Business Structure

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When owning a business it is folly to think that it can run day after day, or year after year without being reassessed on a regular basis. The fact that so much of our business depends on some sort of technology today means that as business owners we not only need to keep up to date with technology but on the continuing changes in social media. Social media is no […]

There’s Nothing Like Determination To Succeed In Business

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As I have been writing in several of my last blog posts, I have been writing and loading ebooks into various publishing sites. Determination to Succeed Last night I tried 7 times to load an ebook into and each time it was not coming up right. In the end I left it and went to bed.  Good decision don’t you think? So today it was time to try again. […]

What Is Your Unique Selling Point (USP)

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If you have not been in business before you may wonder what a Unique Selling Point (USP) is. As you are aware there are many similar types of business and when you are competing against other similar businesses you need to differentiate yourself and how you do that is by having Unique Selling Point.  In other words, something that is unique to your business alone. Depending on the particular factors […]

Manage Your Home Business Debt – 5 Tips To Guide You

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Guest Blog Post by Barbara Delinsky of Oak View Law Group. Finance is one of those things that’s always supposed to be a matter of concern if you own a small business. In fact, it takes a few years’ time for a small business to break even from the time of its inception. However, fact remains that businesses, just like individuals, can sometimes suffer from excessive debt. As an entrepreneur […]

Business Planning Process For Decision Making

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Often times in business we get told to plan ahead or plan to solve a problem, or whatever, but if you have not learned the business planning process you may not get the results that had hoped for from your attempts. There is nothing that will bring a business to a stand still quicker than an owner who has become unproductive because they cannot make a decision on a problem, […]