Are You Lucky In Business

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Oh, I wished we all were.  Let me tell you there are very few people in this world who are ‘Lucky In Business’.  About the only people who are lucky are those who have invested in a lotto ticket and won the big one. Anyone else I know has had to put their heart and soul, and many, many hours of hard work into what they do before they have […]

Home Business: Keeping Great Clients

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How To Keep Your Good Clients and Let Go Of The Bad Ones Now I know we all like to have great paying clients, but keeping great clients goes a lot, lot further than that. If you are like me you are in business because you like what you do and love helping other people discover your skills and you like to share those with them. I have been in […]

Why Write A Business Plan

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“If you know where you are going you have a much better chance of getting there.” There are two main reasons why a home business owner might want a Business Plan and they are: To have a clear defined focus on what their business is about To give a lender confidence that the owner knows what they are doing, what they are going sell, how they are going to go […]

Do You Feel The Need to Discount Your Services

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Having spent 8 years in real estate I am familiar with the question “Will you reduce your fees by….to make the sale?” It was always a difficult question to get around because you are not talking $10 or $20 when it comes to real estate commissions, people often want and sometimes even expect that you will reduce your fees by 50% or more. There are many issues that crop up […]