How To Find the Difference In Your Home Business To Rocket Your Income

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I was reading this article from written by Jeff and I was going to break it down for my readers but in the end decided to use the whole article because I think it has been so well written and explains exactly what I have been talking about when I refer to finding your unique selling point (USP). It is when you can find this difference in your home […]

How To Give The Ultimate Customer Service Experience

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A Step You Shouldn’t Miss In Good Customer Service Experience Today I went to a shop that has wonderful items for home decor, gifts, craft, and a list of other niches. The products are beautifully displayed and I just love going and browsing, but of course, it doesn’t end at that, I always buy something because they have so much to offer in the types of items I love. BUT […]

Where To Find Your Ah-ha-ha Moment

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Where Do You Get Your Inspiration From? Being able to dial up ‘inspiration‘ at a moments notice can be quite difficult for some, but if you know the techniques it will be so much easier. I have found over time that when I find that I am feeling uninspired it is best to keep on with what I am doing.  It never ceases to amaze me where my inspiration may […]

Do You Feel The Need to Discount Your Services

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Having spent 8 years in real estate I am familiar with the question “Will you reduce your fees by….to make the sale?” It was always a difficult question to get around because you are not talking $10 or $20 when it comes to real estate commissions, people often want and sometimes even expect that you will reduce your fees by 50% or more. There are many issues that crop up […]