12 Marketing Skills for Home Based Business Owners

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Developing Marketing Skills Of course there are many reasons why people go into their own home business but I would estimate that very few go into it because they are great marketers. More is the pity for them though because marketing skills are one of the essentials of having a successful business. If it is not a love of yours then you need to get your head around the fact […]

Sharing On Pinterest: Set Your Boards Up to Grow Your Business

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Promoting Your Own Boards Through Sharing on Pinterest Today when I was using Pinterest I was thinking that I would like to share with you a technique for pinning that helps promote your own boards more often. Do you use Pinterest for business? If you are using Pinterest for business then I assume you most likely have several boards with names using keywords that relate to your website. For example, […]

How To Ask The Question and Get The Sale

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A question I sometimes ask is “How do you rate your selling skills?” because lack of selling skills can really hinder the success of a business, especially a home based business due to the fact that there is no ‘walk-in traffic’ and therefore there are not the impulse buys. With selling there are more ways than one to ‘skin a cat’ but the skill that I have focused on here […]

Business Advertising: The Do’s and Don’ts

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How to Advertise and Not Waste a Huge Amount of Money You may well be considering paying for some advertising so let’s look at the important aspects of advertising so that you DON’T WASTE YOUR MONEY. It’s pretty obvious that you want to make more sales so just how do you propose to do that? Firstly, it is important to understand that there is a distinct difference between marketing and […]

Home Business: What You Need To Know For Your Marketing Plan

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A Marketing Plan is a very important part of a business being successful, whether they work online or offline, it does not matter. A business has to have direction as far as the selling of their products is concerned. Without direction a business will just bounce from one opportunity to another or from one disaster to another, depending on what is happening at the time. Having a marketing plan keeps […]

Social Media Marketing

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Social Media Marketing in Practice If you are marketing online you will more than likely have at least one social media marketing account if not several more. A question I ask you is: Are you active on all your social media accounts? The reality is that most small business people tend to think of social media as somewhere to only promote their products. And personally, I have done this in […]

Home Based Business Moms Make Money With Painted Items

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A popular way for moms to make money with a home business is to professionalize a hobby or a skill that they have. Painting items is something that is very popular because painting is a skill that not everyone has and those that do not have it appreciate that they have to purchase hand painted items if they want to own them. There is a wide range of products that […]