Profitable Business Sale: 4 Steps to Making Money With a Craft Sale

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Profitable Business Sale in only 4 Steps Having a sale does not mean that you do not make a profit if you manage it right. When I first started out in retail I thought that the way you held a sale was to reduce your prices, promote your sale and get rid of old stock. Simple, I thought. But, NO, that is not the way a savvy business person makes […]

How To Lead Up To The Ultimate Sale

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Let’s just take a minute here to put yourself in the position of a buyer because home based business owners need to understand how to walk a customer through the buying process and make the sale. You see a lot of home based business owners have not been exposed to the selling process. They may be very good at what they do but making sales is another matter altogether. What […]

Online Marketing For Home Business is a Must

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Scheduling Time for Online Marketing of a Home Business is Essential to its Success It has been many years now that businesses have needed to have their own website.  Whether the website be a blog or a static site, it is imperative that a business has a web presence. It might sound easy setting up a website, but it is the optimizing and marketing of a home business website that […]

12 Marketing Skills for Home Based Business Owners

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Developing Marketing Skills Of course there are many reasons why people go into their own home business but I would estimate that very few go into it because they are great marketers. More is the pity for them though because marketing skills are one of the essentials of having a successful business. If it is not a love of yours then you need to get your head around the fact […]

How To Ask The Question and Get The Sale

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A question I sometimes ask is “How do you rate your selling skills?” because lack of selling skills can really hinder the success of a business, especially a home based business due to the fact that there is no ‘walk-in traffic’ and therefore there are not the impulse buys. With selling there are more ways than one to ‘skin a cat’ but the skill that I have focused on here […]

How To Get Home Business Leads

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Many people ask the question of “how to get free home business leads.” The answer to this question can be both simple and difficult since it ultimately depends on tactics and area of interest. If you want to set up your home based business, you need to find quality free home business leads. The option of paying for these leads is always there but most home based businesses are not […]

A Selling Technique That Gets Overlooked In Small Home Business

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The Art Of Communication – The Art Of Listening In small business your time is so precious because you have to do ALL the jobs that in larger enterprises get delegated to various other people. The problem that sometimes arises here is that the selling technique – The Art Of Listening – is often overlooked in the rush to get back to your work. Why Listening Is So Important If […]

How Do You Rate Your Selling Skills

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Often Home Businesses Go Out Of Business Because The Owners Don’t Know How To Sell. Have you ever stopped to consider just how important your sales skills are in relation to the longevity of your business? Do you feel comfortable closing a sale? You see, many business owners love their business and love what they are doing but feel intimidated when they have to ask for a sale but really […]