Personality Influences Work At Home Success

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How does your personality affect your business decisions? It may be surprising to you but personalities do play quite a major role in the long term success of a home based business. Your personality could affect your business in more ways than you imagine. You might wonder why, but personalities actually play quite a big role in our lives over all. Not only can your personality affect your sales success […]

how to improve your blog

Blog Writing Is A Must For Home Business Owners

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Communication is key to all businesses and word of mouth is still one of the best ways for your business to be recommended. To help your clients and your future clients find you keep your blog current and interesting. At first you will have so much to write about as you tell people about your business and then comes the lull, you think, “what am I going to say today […]

“Why Men Don’t Listen and Women Can’t Read Maps in Sales”

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A book written by Allan Pease “Why Men Don’t Listen and Women Can’t Read Maps in Sales” has created quite a stir and is worth reading for more understanding of human nature. He says that we are “salespeople and marketers first” but we must make business decisions first. Allan is known world wide in all sorts of sales areas. Allan and his wife have built a very strong business through […]

Can Your Marketing Material Be Easily Understood

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What use is advertising if it cannot be read? That is a very good question because believe it or not there is a lot of advertising that cannot be read, meaning that the whole exercise is a waste of time and money.   As an example, how many times have you been driving in your car and wanted to read the words on a car that include product, website or phone […]

Showing Empathy And Making Sales

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I was doing some writing for a client the other day who was presenting their thoughts to their client on ‘showing empathy and making sales’ and I thought I would follow up with some of the thoughts that he had right here because it was about showing empathy with other people. To truly show empathy with someone who is talking to you it requires you to also be a good […]