If You Have A Blog You Can Put A Kindle eBook Together…

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Following on from my post about developing writing skills, have you ever thought about taking a collection of your blog posts and formulating them into an ebook? It is easier than you think! Re-purposing your Blog Most blogs have categories and when you allocate your blogs to the particular categories you are making a collection of facts and information that you can share with others in an ebook or a […]

The Power Of Email Marketing

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In my blog How To Promote Your Blog Post With A Marketing Plan I mention that email marketing to your database is right up there as one of the most important steps to promoting your blog. So let’s look at some of the questions asked about having a database. What is your database, exactly? Well, it is a list of people who have logged into something you are offering through an […]

Men Making Money Online Writing eBooks

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With the access to the internet people are continually searching for information that they can download immediately.  Men have a lot of knowledge that they can share and if they feel that they would like to do this they can write their own product or they can outsource the final product to a copywriter. Writing and selling ebooks can bring in a very nice income over time and not only

Listing Your Ebook On Kindle

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After that  big sigh of getting your ebook finished, you now need to get the listing on Kindle done correctly so that you will get the best exposure possible. I am not covering the marketing side, which I will do in another article, but here I am focusing on optimizing your listing using keywords. Using Keywords to Ensure The Highest Exposure Just like using search engines Google, Bing or others, […]

How To Get Your Kindle Format Right

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Are you aware that if you want to use the Amazon.com/Kindle Ebook Store to sell your ebooks then you need to be able to format them so that they read correctly on the Kindle readers. Formatting Your file Even though we do not see it, if you write your copy in say, a Word doc, there are certain invalid tags that will not load to Kindle properly. I was fortunate […]

NEW Kindle Ebook On Growing Tomatoes Sales The First Day

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Yesterday I posted my NEW ebook on Kindle: Tomato Container Gardening Tips, and I have had several sales already. In fact this month has been my best month ever on Kindle and in the next few blog posts I will cover how I have changed my listings and I believe this has made a difference. If you like writing, and want to write ebooks, then I suggest you add my […]

How I Published My First Kindle Ebook Release

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I have now got my first Amazon KDP Select (Kindle Direct Publishing) ebook on promotion and so excited to see the amount of books that have been downloaded.  One might ask,”Why give books away for free?” but essentially it is much the same as we business internet marketers do with our products.  We let people interact with us through courses, webinars, downloads, etc. so that they can see our skills […]