Developing Your Ebook Writing Skills

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Ebook Writing SkillsWriting is, or should I say, can be a very personal hobby. The funny thing is that many of us have a story or some valuable information inside of us, but until put to the test, it may never come out of us.

Discovering You Can Write

It is over 7 years ago now that I started internet marketing and at the time I was told that I had to write articles! “What do they mean, I have to write articles?” I thought. What a load of rubbish. In fact I got myself into such a stew about it that I was almost sick.

The stupidity of it all was that I had been writing sales copy, adverts, brochures and more for my businesses over the years, but I had never actually thought about the fact that I was a writer!  When I woke up to that thought I started progressing.

What is so great about writing is that many men find that when they step back from their work, either going to part time work or into retirement, they want to write ebooks and they have a whole wealth of knowledge to share.

Women also often have a passion that they would like to share. There are endless subjects that are in front of a woman day in day out between work, families, health and so forth and these topics will often bring out the writer in a committed woman.

So what do you do that equates to writing?

Do you do any writing at all? Maybe you:

  • write adverts
  • write long letters to friends
  • write notes about what you want to achieve in life
  • write poetry

Any of these tasks will start sharpening your mind on how to write ebooks.

Basically ebooks are long articles in that they:

  • start with an idea and a purpose
  • have an introduction
  • have ideas broken down into categories or chapters
  • close with a summary or appendix

Like many things that we do in life you need to channel your focus on your ebook. By that I mean don’t focus on the fact that you will be writing and putting it up on the web.

If you are new to writing that could totally freak you out. Just concentrate on the information that you want to share and then when you get all that down on paper (or in the computer) then you can worry about fine tuning it for your target market.

Initially just focus on you, your ebook and your content.

In the following articles in this category I will look at how you can put your ebook together and what you can do with it when you have written it. When it is finished your ebook will need to be marketed and there are many ways that you can achieve that.




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