Difference Between a Press Release and an Article

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write press releaseWhat is the difference between a press release and an article?

This is a very good question as at first glance one could think they are the same, but they are not and they each have a different purpose.

Article Format

The purpose of an article is to inform. To tell your reader all about the product or service that you are offering, what benefit the service or product will be to the reader and any options that may be available. Usually article are about 350 – 600 words and are placed on article directories. Say you wrote an article about hydroponics you would tell them about systems that you have and why a certain system would benefit them.

Press Release Format

With a press release you are not writing about your service or product but more about what the service product may be. In other words, in the case of hydroponics you would write about why people would use hydroponics because of weather, health benefits, more production in a small space, etc.

Do you see the difference? An article is about the system, a press release is about the reasons for.

When writing press releases try and find something about your topic that is newsworthy, better still if it is current news. This will help immensely in getting exposure for your article.

If you write a press release that is all about selling your products you will probably find that it won’t be published. Press releases are published by newspapers, online news sites and the like so they need to be newsworthy.

Keep a look out for how to write a press release in the next few days.



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