11 Dynamic Steps for Growing a Home Business

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growing-a-home-businessPicture this. You have already started your home business, but now you are lacking vision or direction in terms of how to expand your business. You’re confused about where to go from now?

Not only that but you feel that your business is stagnating and that the competition is getting away on you.

Well, luckily for you, this article will provide you with all the solutions to the problems of growing a home based business.

In order to do this, I have listed 11 dynamic steps for growing a home business.  They will set you in motion and allow you to balance between work and family as well.

Step 1

Create a brand name for your home business that is catchy, easy to remember and reflects the work that you are incorporating in your home business. For example if you’re thinking of opening a yoga club at home and name the club ‘Adrenaline Rush’ it would not give the right impression so think this step through carefully so that your business and domain name fully reflects your business niche and not leave readers guessing.

Step 2

Maintain a balance between work and home by allowing a small part of your home to be your personal work space and declare it a NO GO region. Tell your loved ones that they can’t interrupt or distract you while you work. Tell them that this is a two way thing, when not in your work space you are available for them. If you can focus on your work you will do a better job and not only that, as you can point out to them, you will get through the work faster.

Step 3

Avoid using your home address when marketing your home business online due to security reasons. As an alternative, it would be better to use a PO Box address for any business correspondence. The use of a PO Box also gives the perception of a larger business.

Step 4

Is your home business becoming too large to manage single-handed? There are some excellent outsourcing service providers from which you can hire experts to do some of the more time consuming jobs that will free you up for better use of your skills. Such companies like: Upwork, Fiverr, Freelancer, Guru, PeoplePerHour, iFreelance and more.  With a little research you will be able to get good work for good money as long as you clearly give concise instructions for the job.

Step 5

Has your home business been completely offline as of now? Maybe you could try expanding it by making a website as well, for taking orders and promoting your products services. Weigh up the advantages with the disadvantages, like internet connection charges and taxes, and then decide if this is a good step for you. In today’s day and age all businesses should have at least a home page with contact information, but better still is an active blog.

Step 6

If you are not skilled in bookkeeping it might be a good idea to hire a financial expert or an accountant/consultant to keep a check on the monetary progress of your home business. Sometimes you won’t be able to tell if you’re in hot water, if you don’t have a clear understanding of all the financial terms and intricacies. Your liabilities and taxes might be more than you realize, and building up against your profits. Knowing these figures will give you an idea how much you can spend on growth. There are many ideas that you can implement for growing your business without too much capital outlay but as a business gets bigger expenses also increase.

Step 7

Try getting new leads. You could set a goal for yourself, such as ten new leads per week. Be warned – this will require you to work extra. Research the market potential. But hey, in order to gain something, you have to break a sweat.

Step 8

Redesign Your PackagingRedesign the packaging of your product to make it more modern, livelier and more attractive.  This is really important for growing a home business. Whereas the product is the core, your packaging is the augmented level of your home business, and it can play a crucial role in luring in clients.

Step 9

At least every 6 months review your pricing. It does not matter if you are running a consultancy business, a teaching business, a lawn mowing business, sewing, or making your own products, overheads do not stay the same for very long and if you don’t review prices on a regular basis it could cost you a lot in your profit margin, and ultimately growth.

Step 10

Keep a record of your expenses and try to cut them wherever possible. Even recycling and reusing materials could ultimately lead to saving a whole lot of money. Money you can use for growing the business, putting into stock or whatever is needed.

Step 11

Reward yourself! The key to keeping a business flourishing is to keep yourself motivated so allow yourself a small treat whenever you seal a deal.

Through these 11 dynamic steps, you will see a home business starting to grow almost immediately!

Not only do you want to grow your business but you need these steps to keep ahead of the competition in this competitive world.

BUT remember to pace yourself.  Time off for relaxation is important so that you don’t suffer from burnout which is very easy to do for a home business operator.









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