Empowering Teens And Young Adults To Develop An Entrepreneur Mindset

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Empowering TeensGuest Blogger Julia Neiman founded both Transform For Life, an internet based training business and Group Home Consultants, a 501 (C) (3) nonprofit organization in order to provide at-risk teens and young adults with independent living skills. With degrees in psychology and social work, Julia has 20 years of experience working with at risk youth.  She believes that their dreams matter and is passionate about teaching them how to make those dreams come true.

Being an entrepreneur requires a positive, disciplined mindset.  There are certain qualities, values and attributes that are necessary to create and maintain a successful entrepreneurial business.

The best way to teach that to our children is by example.  If you are an entrepreneur, you can be a great role model and your kids can learn by watching how you run your business.  If you are not in business, you can still be a good example by modeling the characteristics of an entrepreneur.

You also have a lot to offer if you are a parent who doesn’t have your own business.  Parents have to use all the tools that entrepreneurs use to manage their households – shopping, cooking, cleaning, getting the kids to school, laundry, paying bills and so on all require good management skills.

You have to keep track of what needs to be done including:

  • all your family schedules
  • the money so you can pay bills on time
  • working with a budget
  • interacting with people
  • being dedicated
  • being committed
  • handling conflict
  • persevering and so on

Teenagers and young adults have in common the same doubts and hurdles that we all have – “I don’t believe I can do this,” “I don’t have the time or money,” and “I don’t know how.”

Empowering young entrepreneurs means to provide them with the tools they need to be successful. It is essential that we teach them how to jump the hurdles that stand in the way of their moving forward toward something they want.

The first hurdle is fear.

There are many fear-based limiting beliefs that get in our way. They include fear of failing, of succeeding, of not being good enough or worthy enough, fear of what others will think of us and so on.

There are two keys to facing these fears. The first is to develop a positive attitude by making the decision to be in a positive mindset, believing that you will succeed.  It’s a choice for your teens and all they have to do is make it. Attitude is one of the only things we actually have control over in our lives, we get to choose what kind of attitude we’re going to move through life with.

The second key is to have a game plan. Having a plan helps us stay on track and interested. A plan is like a road map that helps us find our way from point A to each point along the way.

The second hurdle they need to jump is lack of time.

There’s an easy exercise to find more time that you’ll find in my book 31 Powerful Lessons: Empowering Teens and Young Adults to Develop an Entrepreneur Mindset.  We need to help our kids keep track of what they do all day long and how much time they spend on it.  They need to be honest about this in order to find the things that waste their time.  Then they have to define the things they need to do to start building a business and see if they can replace the time wasters with things that are productive.   The next step is to help them start working the plan for their business.

It is probable that whatever entrepreneurial venture they want to embark on will require some investment of money.  Young entrepreneurs have to learn how to create a business plan, factoring in the costs and expenditures they need to make and how much income they believe they can create.  This is the basis for seeking money and the map by which their business progresses.

Teens have a variety of moneymaking opportunities such as babysitting, pet sitting, dog walking, mowing lawns, car washes, etc.  They might also have family they can approach for a loan or an investment in their business.  A basic internet business can easily be developed and run for approximately $30 a month which includes expenses for all things involved with having a website and the tools required to process money.

We have to teach our teens and young adults to be able to handle rejection and failure and regard it as a learning curve. They need to recognize their own patterns of self-sabotage as well as how to brainstorm ideas, set goals and get stuff done.

LIKE what you do

On a positive note if they are very passionate about something then maybe that can be made into a money making proposition. When you enjoy what you do rather than do something just because you have to then the chances of success are much greater.

Finally, we need to teach our children the skill of self-empowerment.  As a teacher we can open the door for them but they must walk through that door by themselves.

Having strategies in place to be able to keep motivated and not lose confidence in the face of rejection is a very important skill that entrepreneurs must have.

Julia wrote 31 Powerful Lessons Empowering Teens and Young Adults to Develop an Entrepreneur Mindset in order to share the concepts and values that will help young people develop an entrepreneur mindset and take first step onto the path of economic self-sufficiency. Using these simple values, core beliefs and ideals, Julia was able to start and grow her own business.

You can register at her site http://www.julianeiman.com and receive free, The Get Stuff Done tool which will help you brainstorm, prioritize and create a visual chart of what needs to be done to move you forward whether you are creating a business or working a single project.

Julia’s second book, Pick From the Passion Tree: Empowering Teens and Young Adults to Develop an Entrepreneur Mindset is due out toward the end of November.





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8 thoughts on “Empowering Teens And Young Adults To Develop An Entrepreneur Mindset

  1. I love how Julia breaks things down into easily-manageable bites! This information is well written and straight forward — and feels so possible.

    I also really appreciate that she doesn’t approach all of this with a pollyanna attitude, but rather positivity + action.


    1. Thank you Sherry for commenting. Yes, I applaud Julia for the work she does.

  2. It’s so important to give our kids the tools they need to be successful. What you’re doing is great and your tips are right on. We didn’t learn these things in school and our kids aren’t either. We need to get educated as well, and then pass the info and skills on to our kids.
    Leanne Chesser recently posted..Why Your Financial Balance is EssentialMy Profile

    1. Thanks Leanne. I agree, there are so many skills I believe young adults need to be taught in school to better prepare them for the ‘outside world’. It is a big gap in education I believe.

    1. Julia I still ask myself the question today as to why I have always enjoyed being in business. It never seems to be a simple answer. Funny how you say it took courage and I have had someone say to me “you are going to move country without a job to go to, you must be so courageous” and these things never bothered me. But let me tell you there are areas that frighten me to death which would not bother other people. So I guess it is each to their own isn’t it?

      I like the saying, “strengthen your strengths and work on your weaknesses” not exactly the saying that some people think.

  3. Thank you for having me as a guest poster on your blog Kaye. I appreciate being able to reach out to your readers to share my thoughts on empowering young people to develop an entrepreneur mindset.

    Youth unemployment is an enormous issue across the globe and must be faced head on and addressed in a real way. Having an entrepreneur mindset will give our children an edge whether they work for someone else or want to start their own business.

    I believe that we need to encourage our children to have big dreams and to develop the mindset to pursue those dreams. Imagine how much more joy there would be in the world if everyone was on the path to their dream.
    Julia Neiman (@julianeiman) recently posted..SO YOU WANT TO GO ONLINE WITH A BUSINESSMy Profile

    1. An absolute pleasure Julia as I too have a strong belief in motivating people at a young age. I first went into business at age 25 when buying a wedding reception business and had a staff of 35. It was daunting at first but there is nothing like being ‘hands on’ to learn fast. I believe there is an entrepreneurial spirit in many of use but at times need to be shown how to tap into it.

      For more information on help youth and young adults visit Julia’s site at http://julianeiman.com

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