Entrepreneurs Aged 50 or Over Are Enjoying Their New Challenges

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Entrepreneurs aged 50 or over As an entrepreneur in the 50 plus age bracket I have a strong desire to help others who wish to venture into business as a way of securing their income.

We live much longer than our parents and the way I see it, not only will I live longer (God willing) and want to have funds to spend, I also do not want to be spending my time searching for something to fill my days.

I love being in business (and I have been since age 25) and since I started working at home 12 years ago I have never gone back out to rented premises.

I initially started working a business from home because I had to look after a family member for a couple of years and I saw owning a business working at home as being able to achieve all my responsibilities.  I loved it so much that I have not looked back.

Here are some questions for you to consider:

  • am I dedicated to a business
  • am I dedicated to making a success of a business at home
  • do I want this responsibility
  • do I have the capabilities to run a business
  • do I have a skill set from which I can make an income
  • do I have the funds to start and promote a business (some need little money and some types need substantial funds)
  • will I miss the social side of working away from home

Most of the knowledge you need can be obtained if you are prepared to take on some training.  You can outsource some of your business tasks such as bookkeeping, business leads and marketing, but care needs to be given to the fact that it is done well at as low cost as possible.

Our business Home Business Success Ideas can help you with setting up your website and we can train you with your internet marketing. We are very committed to helping over 50’s make a success of their home based businesses.  It is not a time when you want to be spending money on something without getting the results.

In saying that, it does not matter what you learn, if you are not committed as a business owner to go that extra mile then you risk all you have set up.

Working for Yourself

When you work for yourself it is a whole different ball game than working for a boss. There is:

  • no slacking and being paid for no work
  • no-one will pay you if you take a day off sick
  • often you don’t have anyone to gripe to
  • you may not have someone to talk your problems through with
  • you have to make sure you get enough income coming in to cover all your expenses and make a profit
  • you need to understand accounting and marketing

But the good news is there is help available to those who want to make a success of their business.  After all you may be able to set yourself up in business and run it for a good number of years, building it into a nice solid income.

Something that I do encourage you not to do is jump into starting a business of any size just on a whim.  Do put the time into researching the business to see if you have a market for your product or service and that there will be a market for it for years to come.

Why not search through our FREE Business List Ideas and see if there is something that you feel you can be a winner with.



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