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Often a home business owner gets under so much pressure with their day to day running of the business that any idea they have to grow their business is long forgotten by the time they go to bed. But there are solutions that are available if you find you can afford them.

When you run a home business you are often the only person in the business. This can put great demands on trying to maintain your service or product making and attend to marketing and other admin work as well.

An answer to that problem is to use a VA (virtual assistant).  The beauty of being able to go online is that you can do it all remotely as opposed to having a person come to your house and work there when in fact, as an example, you may prefer to do your work at night.

Outsourcing to a VA

If you want to have someone work for you online then you can outsource through one of the outsourcing companies like:

  • Upwork,
  • Fiverr,
  • iWriter
  • or whoever, depending on just how much work you want done, or you can source a person locally through friends or contacts.

I would suggest to you that before you take someone on though make sure that you see some of their work to prove they can do what they say and what you want.  Give them a task or two first before committing yourself.  People will often say they can do a certain job but in reality they don’t know how to and will learn at your expense (talking from experience here). Make sure you have proof of their work before committing to a long term connection. You could even try two or three out and go with the one you prefer.

You don’t need to go all out and employ someone full time. You may only want to pay $40 a week at first for some content writing and then as your business you can increase their time and responsibilities which will give you more help in other areas.

That is the way to grow a business – slowly and steadily, keep costs under control.

The list on this page gives a good idea of what a good VA should be able to handle and a very good VA should probably be able to do even more.

I have included in this article a lot of links to different topics that may help you decide what to do and if starting a home business is going to suit you.

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