Hand Painted Glassware: Tips for Producing a Quality Product

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I was looking through Pinterest today and saw some hand painted ideas that are obviously still very popular as ways to make money with a home based business.  What I love about these ideas is that there are a number of ways you can sell them so you are not limited to any one outlet from which to make your income.

In this instance I am talking about painted homewares. Many years ago painted glassware and plates were very popular and I see that they may be making a comeback.  There are many more pictures and ideas on my board at Pinterest for you to look at if you like the idea of selling hand painted items.

Tips For Painting On Glassware

Although I cannot tell you how to treat different products you might use (you can get that info from the seller) I can give some tips on how to get your design on the glassware. You can:

  • use a wash off pen to write your design on your glass before painting
  • tape a design to the inside of the glass and use it to paint your picture (you can either trace the design on or leave the design there while you paint – be aware that if you do leave it there you won’t see the true color if you are painting a solid design)
  • use a turntable to help you paint straight lines around a glass
  • use tape to mask different areas of the glass ware if you want to paint straight lines

These four techniques alone will help you create some stunning designs for painting.

The best paints to use are the ones that will last the longest and I must admit that I have not done this for a while but it used to be that the paints that you cooked on in the oven were the best. Check this out with your art store.

Tips For You And Your Customers

  1. Don’t paint the inside of the glass ware because most paints are not safe for holding food.
  2. Hand wash only.
  3. You should have labels that you can attached to these items so that the customer does not make the mistake of doing either. They will appreciate your advice.

Buying Your Glassware for Hand Painting to Making A Profit

To find your product to paint on you can buy wholesale, buy online and you can source through garage sales and second hand shops, but what you need to be aware of if you truly want to make money as a business owner is that you do need to take into account the time that you spend sourcing your product. If you spend half a day wandering around shops that is half a day of painting that you have not done. So think about that when you are deciding what to paint and how you want to source your product.

It would most likely be easier to sell 20 more items that you bought at a slightly higher price than get the same profit from those items that you would get in second hand stores.








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