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Home Based Business Ideas For MenSo many men have spent years in the workforce developing their handyman skills and if they find that at some stage they want to start a business of their own these skills can become very useful.

So what are some of the ideas that these handy men can use for a home based business?

Here is a list worth considering:

  • handyman business
  • pool cleaning
  • landscaping
  • lawn care
  • garden care
  • making items for garden decor
  • fence building using modern materials such as metal sheeting or other high demand products
  • expert in backyard designer water features

It is just a matter of assessing your skills and then looking at what is in the market place that seems to be selling.

Any of the above work can be touted through real estate offices with good rent rolls which can be a good solid source of work if you do the right job for them. They can usually be advertised in local papers too without too much expense.

One will have to keep in mind though that you may have to wait for at least two weeks or maybe even a month before you get paid from a real estate office.  The reason for this is that in most cases rent rolls are tallied up each fortnight, or at least each month and this is when most offices will pay their contractors.

When you take on this type of work it would pay to have a contract written up by a lawyer that you can use to cover yourself for bigger jobs. The real estate offices will most likely have contracts of their own for you to sign.

You would also need to have public liability insurance and other insurances as listed in our business insurance article.

These types of businesses can often be set up with little capital but it is still important that some business planning is put in place so that you do build up a good flow of work. Click here for a FREE Business Plan Template to work with.

It pays to download our FREE list of Business Ideas as well so that you can look through a good range of possible opportunities.





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