6 Home Based Business Ideas for the over 50’s

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Who says that people over 50 are only limited to slouching on the couch while watching TV or lying in bed all day long? Show them all that this stereotype is wrong and people beyond fifty can still manage to make a substantial amount of money!

By the time you have reached 50 you have many valuable insights into life and may have trained in a variety of fields. If you have not trained at this point you may like to take on training to develop a home based business as there are endless courses to attend or even offered online.

Some of the home based business ideas for the over 50’s are as follows:

Set up a day care

Who else would know better how to handle youngsters and small children? People over 50 have had their share of raising their own children and then pampering their young grandchildren, so by the time they reach 50, they are experts in this field. Setting up a day care doesn’t involve much capital. All you need is a spare room that can be brightened up with colors and toys, and some books, and there you have it. Besides, kids give such joy to the elderly. You will most likely need some type of license from your local council but unless you are going to go into a fully fledged day care (say, 10 or more children) you can most likely get away with just what you already have set up at home. A couple of toddlers can bring in a tidy extra income if that is all you want, or more children if you want to make a higher income. But as I say, more children may mean some small alterations at home.

Become a health consultant – one that works from experience!

Know what it is like to have diabetes or heart diseases? Then why not become a health consultant and teach others how to fight against their illnesses?

The best part about this job is that since you have gone through the whole experience, you can give out first hand advice, and be able to put yourself in the patient’s shoes. And when the patient realizes how empathetic you are, he will surely refer you to others and you will soon have a broad base of clients.

Be a fitness trainer

In the same way, a different version to help others get healthy would be to become a fitness trainer.

It would be great if you could create a club for people over 50 and charge them a membership fee. You could teach others how to maintain exercise regimes that allows them to increase their stamina, relieve joint and back pains and generally feel good. This could include yoga, walking, dancing, swimming etc.

The reason why this is one of the best home based ideas for the over 50’s is because people in clubs often form affiliations with each other and hence, end up coming back for more. It would work out best if you have a certification or a degree in physical education. One important factor to keep in mind is that your clients would need their doctor’s green signal before they can indulge in your fitness program.

Become an Investment Consultant

A great piece of advice that you can use while coming up with home based ideas for the over 50’s is that you can use your past professional experience as your guide. So say for example, if you were a stock trader or a broker in the past, then you can use your knowledge of finance to give advice to other about how and where to invest. All you have to do is stay current with the market prices, demands etc.

Be an Independent Insurance Agent

If you have had some sort of association with business and sales you could easily turn those skills into being an independent insurance agent. Finding a niche to work within will see you soon becoming known and you can easily work from a home base and reasonably within the hours that you would like. This they of occupation would be a good one for a couple who want to work together.

Handle Someone Else’s Finances

Home Busines FinanceDon’t let weak bones or aching joints get in the way, for there are many home based business ideas for the over 50’s that will allow you to work comfortably in a relaxed environment.

Handling someone else’s finances is one of them:

  • You could be responsible for drawing up a monthly cash budget for a family, or a small business and decide how much to spend and how, based on their requirements.
  • You could decide on the capital structure needed for someone who is investing in a particular business.
  • Or take on bookkeeping tasks for small businesses who only offer a few hours a month (this is a growing area as more and more home based businesses are started each and every month)

You don’t require strenuous physical activity, and it keeps that grey matter in shape!

All these suggestions are very viable options for making anything from an additional income to a self-supporting income heading into retirement.





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