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Home Party Business ProductsPeople who like to make products, often in the craft and arts niche, sometimes find that having the time or the opportunity to sell their products is a problem. Not only that there is a say that “an artist is a poor salesperson of their own products” and in some ways I go along with this as I have experienced this situation.

As an artist or crafts-person you always know where the little mistakes are with your products so you see them as faulty but a person who does not know where they are most likely won’t even see them. After all, anyways, little mistakes are common in homemade items.  As long as the product is basically sound with no faults which will cause a problem with using it, the item is fine.

What products are suitable for selling at home party businesses:

  • pottery
  • herb dressings
  • homemade pickles and chutneys
  • wooden toys
  • candles
  • soaps
  • linen
  • hand painted items – clothing, household items, toys, etc.
  • children’s books
  • children’s clothes
  • children’s toys
  • handmade shoes
  • jewelry

There really is an endless list. And of course, if you do have a successful party business going you do not need to make all the items.  You can buy items to sell along side your own stock. Sometimes it is a good idea to say have women’s clothing with children’s clothing because there could be people at the party that do not have children. Or you could have wooden toys with pot plant holders.  You get the picture – having complimentary products so that you can target the entire customer base.

Making To Sell At Parties

Whether you want to make and sell at parties you demonstrate at really depends on what sort of income you desire from your business. If you are happy with a small income to make and sell yourself is quite feasible, but if you want to have a larger income then you need to have more people selling for you who can concentrate on selling 100%.

If you make and take a % of profits for organizing you should end up with about 20% of the wholesale price as profit.  Multiply this by 5 demonstrators who each receive 20% of the sale and you are making quite a nice profit.  More demonstrators of course will mean more profit but calculations will need to be made for staff content.

Employing Staff

If you go down the path of building up the business with more sales demonstrators then it means that your % of profit will be smaller for each person, but more overall if your costings are right.

If you employ staff you would need to make sure they can put out enough product to cover their wages or you could put them on a ‘piece per $’ basis which controls your costs.



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