How Do You Rate Your Selling Skills

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Selling SkillsOften Home Businesses Go Out Of Business Because The Owners Don’t Know How To Sell.

Have you ever stopped to consider just how important your sales skills are in relation to the longevity of your business?

Do you feel comfortable closing a sale?

You see, many business owners love their business and love what they are doing but feel intimidated when they have to ask for a sale but really they should not be.

Firstly your customer would not be looking or inquiring if they were not interested in the first place, and secondly if you know how to softly close a sale then you won’t feel intimidated, in fact you will feel like you have done your customer a service.

And a point I must make here, is that changing your selling skills won’t happen over night and it will take some practice. This I know from experience. We have been conditioned as customers ourselves to ask “can I help you?” but we have to change that as business owners.

What Do Your Customers Expect Of You?

When cash was flush and people were unafraid of spending back prior to 2008, the consumer would buy just what they would like to buy.

BUT after that time the consumer changed their spending habits to one of buying what they needed.

Now, 5-6 years on the consumer is slowing returning to the days of buying what they want. This means that now we need to consider our selling skills and promotions to cover ‘what the customer needs and what the customer wants’ as there are now two different consumer attitudes to deal with.

Now that you understand that you need to target both types of customer (not in the same promotion) you need to understand another very important selling skill and that is being able to “ask the question”.

Do You Know How To Close A Sale?

You know, it does not matter how much time or money you may put into your marketing and promotions, if you don’t know how to close a sale when your potential customer contacts you, then you are losing out on a lot of money. Or ‘leaving money sitting on the table’ as it is often referred to.

So if you talk to a sales expert they will tell you that, “you have to ask the question”. And that question is, put bluntly, “Do you want to buy?”

The Psychology of the Sale

How to proceed to a successful sale is a step by step process. It is finding out what a buyer wants or needs and then making sure that you give them what they want or need.

Quite obviously you don’t ask that question as soon as a person makes contact with you but it is the question that you have to ask at some stage, although not necessarily in those words.

Scenario in face to face retail:

Let’s say a customer comes to your outlet and starts viewing your range of candles. It is not a good idea to walk up and say “Can I help you?” because if you do, in most cases, you will get a “No” in return.

So that you can start the rapport you would ask, “Do you like the pink or do you prefer the more earthy brown tones?” By asking about alternative colors the person has to give you an answer about one or the other. The customer comes back with, “I think I prefer the more earthy tones.” Now that you have that answer, you can say, “I do too. What I like about them is that they suit so many different settings, do you find that?”……..

Now you have a rapport going and you can keep asking similar type questions building up trust until you feel the customer is ready to buy, then you can say, “Would you like to take one of those because they have our latest fragrance.” Or something like that, but that is ASKING THE QUESTION! Now that you have built up rapport and trust the customer will be happy to take your recommendation.

If you are not in home business retail and would like some more scenarios on closing a sale so that you see how this selling skill relates to your business then click on this link and you can read more samples texts.



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