How I Published My First Kindle Ebook Release

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How I Published My First Kindle EbookI have now got my first Amazon KDP Select (Kindle Direct Publishing) ebook on promotion and so excited to see the amount of books that have been downloaded.  One might ask,”Why give books away for free?” but essentially it is much the same as we business internet marketers do with our products.  We let people interact with us through courses, webinars, downloads, etc. so that they can see our skills and experience and see if we are going to be able to help them.

3 Reasons For Promoting Through KDP Select Program

  1. That is the theory with using KDP Select. It allows readers to download, for free, your product and if they like what they read then they will purchase more of your books or get involved with you as a client.
  2. It does help you get higher rankings within the Kindle ebook system and therefore get more exposure to paying clients/readers.

After I had decided what to write about I took these steps to get my ebook published. The process I used to get Home Business Ideas For Women Of All Ages:

  1. I wrote my book up in MS Word doc (one of the best formats to use for this project) in double space and did not format apart from separating chapters, using headings and bullet points.
  2. Pictures need to be in GIF (or .gif) PNG (or .png) BMP (or .bmp) JPEG (or .jpeg). I prefer not to use large images. On the Kindle and other readers they are most just in black and white at this stage.
  3. I did keyword research so that I maximize exposure by using a keyword in the book title.
  4. I got my cover designed.
  5. I then processed my ebook through KDPublishingPro and when you get the hang of this you will do it no other way. At the moment I am trying to get the link so you can download this too so keep in touch here and I will put the link up. This software formats for you and will send a copy to your computer all ready to upload to Amazon Kindle. I can’t find the link for this software. If anybody has it I would appreciate it if you would send it to me via my contact page.
  6. You have to open up an account with Amazon before you can start selling your book.
  7. You then go to bookshelf and ‘add new title’ which will take you to the page to load up your book. This is quite a simple process and if you have any trouble please feel free to contact me through my contact page.  Everything is explained quite well.  Amazon is obviously very professional and the help section is also very good.

KDP Select

I chose to put my book through the KDP Select system and this allows you 5 days of pricing the book at NIL cost and promoting it wherever you like.  During the 3 months of the KDP Select program you cannot sell the book anywhere else.

This is all a personal choice for authors to make. The decision needs to be made with a long term view of selling your book and future books that you want to list.

I hope this information has helped you with your endeavors to become a published author.  Yes, you can be considered a published author even if you only list your book on Amazon Kindle.

Kaye Dennan is an experienced home business owner/online marketer of 7 years with a further 25 years as a small business owner. A recent book is  A BOOK FULL OF HOME BUSINESS SUCCESS TIPSKaye has started a Home Business ebook series to help home based business owners.




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