How To Get Your Kindle Format Right

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How To Get Your Kindle Format RightAre you aware that if you want to use the Ebook Store to sell your ebooks then you need to be able to format them so that they read correctly on the Kindle readers.

Formatting Your file

Even though we do not see it, if you write your copy in say, a Word doc, there are certain invalid tags that will not load to Kindle properly.

I was fortunate enough to come across a software that formates for you so easily.

All you have to do is buy the software ($27 when I bought it) which you download to your computer and you will have this easy to use system there when you need it. Only a one time purchase price.

You only have to open up the software on your computer, click create and then start loading your ebook or report chapter by chapter and save. It will automatically save it to your computer.

As for loading pictures, you can load them up into the saved file on your computer or you can load them up in the converter software. Either way works well.

I Just About Gave Up

Up until I managed to find this software I was just about to give up on this Kindle ebook selling idea because I was reading all sorts of costs charged by people for converting the file.

Now I can do it in a few minutes and not only that, I can adjust and change anything on my computer file. In saying that though, if I want to change quite a bit of text, I change it in my computer file then run it through the software again.

Alternatively, the software will save your files and if you don’t delete them in there as I have done a few times by accident, you can just go back into the software directly and edit your copy and re-save. Easy peasy!



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