How To Lead Up To The Ultimate Sale

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How To Lead Up To The SaleLet’s just take a minute here to put yourself in the position of a buyer because home based business owners need to understand how to walk a customer through the buying process and make the sale. You see a lot of home based business owners have not been exposed to the selling process. They may be very good at what they do but making sales is another matter altogether.

What would be your reaction if you walked into a business and the minute you stop at a product the salesperson comes up to you and says, “That is a very attractive serving dish, isn’t it? Would you like to buy it?”  I am assuming that you most likely look at the salesperson wide eyed and think, “Do you mind, just let me have a look first!”

That is pressure selling and that is not what the customer wants today.

Building Trust With Your Customer

In today’s market people are looking to build a relationship with a business owner/salesperson, especially a home based business owner, so that they feel comfortable with purchasing there and that they feel there will be some sort of positive after sales service.

This trust is built up through rapport. I don’t know whether it is the past economic climate or the fact that so many items have to be returned these days, but whatever it is, customers want that sense of trust when they buy, especially if the item or service is a higher value.

To build that trust the seller (home business owner) needs to give as much information about the product as possible and talk about the product in general and its uses so that the buyer is fully informed.

Getting Your Customers Agreement Along The Way

So to lead your customer to the sale, as you are giving them the information, keep asking them for approval. In other words, when you give a snippet of information ask “would you find that useful?”, “would that give you the result you want?”, “Is that the right size?”, “is that the right color?”, or whatever so that you get a “yes” as you go through the description and selling process.

When you are getting them saying “yes” as you go through the sales spiel (product description) you will be getting them to confirm in their own mind that the product is the right one for them.

Alternatively, if you get a “no” then you can find out why not and possibly give an alternative that may be just what they are looking for.

Getting The Final YES

When you have got to the end of the description you will hopefully know just what your customer is thinking and you should be able to close the sale by “asking the question.” “Do you want to buy?” (or use some other question as described in my last post.)

If for some reason you think the customer is still hesitant then you need to find out why. Just ask! By now they should be talking to you fairly freely and you can find out why they won’t buy if they don’t.

That information on it’s own could be very helpful to you as far as future product, service or sales are concerned.

When Should You Use This Selling Technique

The simple answer is ALWAYS.

When you are gently walking a customer through this selling process there is no pressure, the customer should only feel that you are concerned for them and they should feel that they can give their thoughts and opinions freely.

It does not matter whether you are using this technique verbally or in written content the theory is the same.


Kaye Dennan is an experienced home business owner/online marketer of 7 years with a further 25 years as a small business owner. A recent Kindle ebook is  A HOME BUSINESS GUIDE FOR A START UP BUSINESSKaye has started a Home Business ebook series to help home based business owners.




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