How To Make Money Gardening As A Home Business

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How To Make Money Gardening
Outdoor Hydroponic Setups

I often get asked, “how can a person make money gardening?”  Home businesses offer so many options for people and of course it depends how much you want to make as to whether your circumstances allow you to make the money you desire.

Gardening For Profit

It is possible to make some reasonable money even from a home back yard so here are some suggestions that you could look at if you want to earn some money from a home gardening venture:

  1. invest in a hydroponic set up – hydroponic plants grow approx. three times faster than do ground grown plants so this is fantastic for quick volume in smaller spaces – tomatoes, herbs and flowers are popular
  2. pot plants – propagating fast growing plants like geraniums, ferns, impatiens, basil, rosemary and other herbs, and also succulents – research for plants in your area that grow fast and grow from cuttings
  3. selling seedlings
  4. mini-fairy gardens
  5. bottle terrariums – visit to view several that are completed
  6. bonsai plants – view a selection at  – it takes a long time to grow an adult bonsai but starting and selling young bonsai can be rewarding is possible
  7. design and grow large container plants, selling container and all as a complete garden
  8. selling garden features like handmade lights, bird houses, bird perches, garden art or mini bridges – if you like gardening you most likely have ideas for garden features that would be loved by other garden loving people
  9. hanging baskets – plant up beautiful hanging baskets for people to buy already to go

You can see from the range of ideas above that it is quite possible to make money from gardening as a home based business.  Organization and planning will be the backbone of this type of home business.




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