How To Skill Yourself Up To Make More Sales

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How To Make More SalesAn interesting topic for home business operators to really think about is how they can increase sales from the client contacts that they already have. It is a proven fact that it is easier to sell to someone who is already a client than it is to someone you have to convert to being a client.

So with that in mind how can you make more sales starting today?

The answer is by understanding the formula for ‘making a sale’.

Sounds simple, well it is really but unfortunately we often get so distracted by other events, or excited about what we are doing that we do not stick to the formula and therefore do not make the sales that we are due for all our hard work.

When you are next preparing to sell your product or service, whether it be face to face, online, by email or whatever means you are using, use this 4 step formula and you will see much better results.

The 4 Step Selling Formula

1. What I’ve got for you telling them what you are going to be selling (without selling at this stage), just what it is.
2. What it’s going to do for them – what the item (service) is going to do for them, how it is going to solve their problem, how they will feel once their problem is solved
3. Who am I? – about yourself
4. What you need to do next – make the sale and then tell them how they can access your product or service

The Common Practice

We are all aware that when we are selling we feel like we need to justify ourselves, and in fact for many years what was always recommended was that you talk about yourself first and create trust then launch into the product spiel.

But in more recent times the best results are coming from:

  • a two or three sentence intro about yourself
  • then tell them quickly about the product
  • how you are going to help them
  • then lots about the product
  • then more in depth information about yourself and your results
  • then make the sale also telling them how they can access the product

I suspect the change in selling format has come from the fact that some people who sell are too keen on talking about themselves. There is nothing worse when you are interested in a product to sit and listen to a 15 min. blurb about the presenter before you get to the product information.

In fact that happened to me today. I downloaded a shortened version of a transcript pdf of a webinar that I had missed, but I had got to 1/3 of the way through and still had not got to the introduction of the guts of the webinar. At that point I closed it down.

I must admit I was rather surprised because the presenter is not new to the internet industry.

You have probably already experienced just how busy your clients are. People today want information now, and they want it fast! They are concerned about themselves and they want to know what you have got for them that is going to work for them. As hurtful as it may be, most of your clients are not going to be too worried about you unless you have been in contact with them for quite some time and have built up a good relationship with them.

One huge benefit of having a small business is that you can be there in the moment, make decisions fast and get information out to your customers asap.

If you act fast and use the 4 step formula above you will find your results improving beyond your expectation.

BUT don’t stop there!

Don’t just use it for your current client base, it is a formula that you should use all the time.

Sell the benefits! Sell the benefits!




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2 thoughts on “How To Skill Yourself Up To Make More Sales

  1. Love your 4 step formula. You are so right, often we KNOW what do to, but get distracted and excited and fall back into old habits. One thing I’ve found helpful is to write my priorities on an index card (whether it is a to-do list, this 4 step formula, or . . .) and refer to the card frequently (throughout the day, before going into an appointment, or . . .)
    Lisa Mallis recently posted..Ultimate Blog Challenge Day 2 and the Pareto RuleMy Profile

    1. I agree with you Lisa, I have to keep notes beside me because it is so easy to forget important tasks when you are faced with so many each day. I use post-it notes for my most important and the must do ones also go into my Outlook. Sounds a bit OCD but I have a variety of things to organise, e.g. I am carer for 2 at the moment.

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