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Easy Ways to Make Money OnlineLast week I uploaded an ebook to Amazon Kindle called “Easy Ways to Make Money Online: Find Out How to Make an Income on the Internet”.  Writing this book took me back so many years to when I first started online and did not even know how to write an article, or if the truth be known, even what an article was in online speak.

I absolutely panicked at the thought until a few days into trying to put my first article together I realized that it really was not too much different than putting advertising material together, but just written in a different way. I had been writing ads for years in the businesses I had owned.

Making Money Online

With all that being said I have to say that I had bought into a $5000 program which I was following, but that’s another story.

candle-biz 300Any rate, after writing articles for about 9 months I decided to put together my first ebook which was on candle making (still my best seller to date!) but it was several years later before I started writing more ebooks. (Now followed by Candle Making Business.)

This year, 2013, I am embracing this writing  because I want to share information like I did in “Easy Ways to Make Money Online: Find Out How to Make an Income on the Internet”.

I remember those early years so clearly and the purpose of Easy Ways to Make Money Online was to help people who want to create a new income online, want to earn extra money from working on the internet or who want to work online but at this stage do not have great computer skills and therefore are not sure where to start with their online income building.

It is not a book that has all the answers for advanced methods but a guide to help in the direction of avoiding the pitfalls, how to look for online opportunities and has a list of ideas to explore.

There are links to follow

I added in a heap of links for the readers to visit to research what they want to do and hopefully all the information will help in starting out online with a view to possibly moving to more advanced methods of making money online in the future.



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