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Internet Home Business IdeasThe many searches on search engines about internet home business ideas is proof of the fact that there is a lot of demand for information on how to make money on the online. On the other hand, this also means that there is a group of people who will fall victim to the bunch of shady folk who want to benefit by scamming them.

General Rules For Internet Home Business Ideas

As long as you are willing to put in the time to learn the ropes, you can start up your business with extremely little money if you so desire. Pre-packaged programs only work as much as you can customize it and make it unique and your own. Even then, techniques that work for one niche won’t work in all niches.

Be wary of any “system” that promises instant results, especially anything that sounds like a get-rich-quick scheme. To be successful it is a must to know the basics of SEO (search engine optimization), social media marketing, website marketing and traditional marketing, and it is also helpful, but essential, if you can also work with some html coding.  All this knowledge is essential if you wish to make sales by promoting your business through a website, even if you do not actually sell products on your website.

Every business is made stronger by specializing in a tight niche. By focusing on a niche, preferably a niche within a niche, you have a much better chance of being successful. By saying a niche within a niche, it could be:

  • bonsai gardening within the gardening niche
  • baby clothes within the dressmaking niche
  • affiliate marketing within the making money online niche
  • furniture restoration within the woodworking niche
  • budgerigar within the parrot niche
  • boxer breeding within the dog breeding niche

You get the picture?

You need to determine where your strengths are and which business model you plan on following. The problem is that not everyone will make money online, because making money on the internet takes a long time to learn, and most people give up because it can be extremely frustrating.

Not only that, there are so many people trying to sell products or whatever who try and convince you that you will make money overnight! You won’t.

The likes of Kathleen Gage, Marnie Pehrson, Michelle PW, Michelle Shaeffer, Michelle Scism, Jack Humphrey, all  who have great products, have no illusions about telling you that you will not make money over night when you first start. These online experts have been working on the web for over 10 years. You have to consistently market your business and that it will take time to make lots of money because you need to grow a database full of clients who trust you.

The following are some examples of internet home business ideas:

Online Resale And Auction Selling

A good idea is to sell or resell products via an online marketplace such as eBay, Amazon Auctions or Craigslist. You can sell used goods, buy goods wholesale or use a drop-shipping service.  Most important skills needed are merchandising and customer service.

Affiliate Marketing

Promote other company’s products and services on your website. When a sale is made, you get a commission. The skills that are needed for this are sales, copywriting and web marketing.


This is a chronologically based website filled with articles, reviews, journal-style writing or if you wish you can also have a sales page selling your products. Also as a way of making an income from your site you can sell advertising or incorporate affiliate marketing on a blog to earn money. You only need to be proficient in copywriting, social networking, affiliate marketing, and web marketing in order to be a successful blogger.

Other Examples Of Internet Home Business Ideas Are:

  • Arts & Crafts
  • Internet Research Business
  • Freelance Services – copywriting, technical assistance, graphic design
  • Consulting
  • Being a virtual assistant
  • Creating membership sites

Perhaps the most important piece of advice for starting an internet home business is that you should not expect it to replace your day job’s income overnight. Even though statistics have shown that service-based businesses are more prone to bring in revenue faster, you should still allow for a full year to replace your outside-the-home salary.

After keeping all of these things in mind, you will find is quite easy to choose internet home business ideas that you will be successful at.

Kaye Dennan is an experienced home business owner/online marketer of 11 years with a further 25 years as a small business owner. Click on this link for  A BOOK FULL OF HOME BUSINESS SUCCESS TIPS which can be downloaded for FREE. 







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