Keep Business and Personal Life Separate

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Keep Personal and Business Life SeparateWith the world of social media as it is it really does pay to make your business contacts and pages separate from your personal pages.  For example if you have clients reading your Facebook page they most likely do not want to know what you had for breakfast, and if you are feeling a bit down about your business and you put that up, you most definitely do not want your customers reading that! And what about those photos!  Need I say more!

When you have a business page on a social site and you get to know people well on that page they can always connect with you on a personal level once you have built that level of relationship.

In business one always has to look successful and be cheerful in front of clients. Most customers love a joke or two and it nearly always relaxes the atmosphere. But in saying that most business people want to know that you are serious about your business. That is being professional and it attracts people who will want to do business with you.

Mixing Personal and Business Life

In saying that above about social media, it is referring to people who you most likely will never meet in real life because they are world wide contacts, but in your own home town environment mixing business and pleasure can work very well and that is because the people know you personally.  In that situation you could find a person laughing at what you say, whereas on a FB page they may scorn you for it.  That is just the way of life when we use the internet.

I know I have had people say to me “that email was short and sharp, were you in a bad mood’ when in actual fact I had made it brief because I was in an awful hurry and that is how things can be taken the wrong way over the internet.

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