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Listing Your Ebook On KindleAfter that  big sigh of getting your ebook finished, you now need to get the listing on Kindle done correctly so that you will get the best exposure possible. I am not covering the marketing side, which I will do in another article, but here I am focusing on optimizing your listing using keywords.

Using Keywords to Ensure The Highest Exposure

Just like using search engines Google, Bing or others, the use of keywords is what is going to help to get your ebook found. There are thousands of authors that have put ebooks on Kindle and never had a download. Why?

Well they just have not set up the listing to the best and advantage AND done the marketing that is required to get the exposure.

Getting Found On Kindle

Although I am going to go over your listing so you get the best results, I cannot promise anything if research has not been done to make sure there:

  1. is a big market for your book on Kindle
  2. you have named the book properly using keywords

As opposed to Google where you need to find a small market so you can be prominent, at Kindle you need to find a big market so you get the numbers downloading your ebook. The rest is up to you to make sure people find your ebook there.

OK, Let’s Get Listed

I assume you have set up your account in so that you can upload to Kindle, now let’s list your book.

  1. before listing you need to have a list of words (keywords) that your readers will type into Amazon search to find your information. I use a software (I think it was $10) called FreshKey which has been designed for use by authors wishing to use This software allows you to put in many different keywords and it will give you lists for Amazon and for Google. Then you can compare to get the best words for you, remembering that you want popular keywords. The software will rank these words and you can judge which is best for you to use.
  2. now that you have your keywords you can optimize your listing.
  3. firstly, I do use KDP Select which allows you to have your book downloadable for free for 54 days in any 3 months. I will cover that in my marketing blog so that you understand why this option is used.
  4. Book Title – your book needs to have a title that is also keywords optimized, e.g. The best book for cup cake recipes would be better to be Cup cake recipes: the best book. You can change that now if you wish because you won’t be able to later on.  Also keep the title short so people will find exactly what they want.
  5. fill in the info on being a series if it is and also if it is an edition of the book.
  6. fill in the Publisher using your own name or if you have a publishing name, use that. For myself I use my own name, Kaye Dennan as the author but I publish under InfoEbooksOnline which is my own publishing outlet.
  7. description is where you give an outline of your ebook with enough information so the reader wants to buy it, but not too much information so that they think they don’t need to buy it. Five problems and solutions that are covered in the ebook but not the answers.
  8. fill in the next three blanks if they relate to you – I don’t use an ISBN but if you have a hard or soft cover book then you will need to have that so fill it in.
  9. Publishing rights – I cannot advise you on that read the information and decide what you want to do.
  10. keywords, now this is where you need to use the best keywords you can. Give some thought to the people who would enquire after your book and use the best you can. When you do your keyword research you will see various search terms that are being used so pick which ones you think your ebook best answers the questions for.
  11. you will need a cover made and it needs to be a large image – I use to make my covers and to resize. My cover dimensions are :1027 x 1174 and they work well with downloading. You don’t want any smaller than that or they won’t load. Download this from your computer.
  12. assuming you have formatted your ebook for Kindle you can then go straight ahead and download the formatted copy.  Preview your book and see how it all reads in the ereader, how the headings and pictures come out and the chapters.
  13. when your book has been loaded go to Rights & Pricing and fill out the sections here. I use worldwide rights and I start off with 30% royalty. I list my book and let it be for a week so that if there are any changes I want to make I can do that without affecting any promotions I may have. I don’t expect sales during this time but just go back over my book and everything else I have done and make sure I am happy with it before I start marketing it. When you make changes the book goes into ‘draft’ while it gets reviewed so I like to do this in this first week.

I hope this has been of help to you getting your book up and listed on the Kindle Store.



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