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Make Money Writing OnlineWriting for a living is a wonderful career and with the internet there are so many opportunities that as writers we really are spoiled.  I love writing, a skill I actually did not realize I had.  I spent years writing ads for business ventures and sales copy but never really looked at it as a ‘writing skill.’  I now have my first novel under way and have written over 16 ebooks for myself and for clients.

If you are interested in taking up writing as an income source then the internet allows you to earn quite serious money.

To mention a few ways you can do this by:

  • having your own website and marketing it to find clients
  • writing for any of the online outsourcing sites such as Elance, iWriter, and others
  • many of the directory sites also offer their clients a writing service, such as
  • building a client base and writing blogs
  • writing information ebooks and selling them on Kindle
  • writing reports and selling them on Kindle

If you are going to be writing to sell your own products on the internet it does pay to not just write what you feel like writing, but to find out what niche markets are looking for information and target those areas.

You can get away, to a certain extent, by writing just what you like, but to sell ebooks it does take some serious marketing of your product so that is why it is best to target a market that is starved for information and there are hundreds of them.  It is just a matter of researching to find them.

Here are 9 books about writing books that will inspire you to write more.

When marketing your products you need to know the keywords that will get your product exposure so although writing is the main concern, it is critical that keywords are used to get the necessary exposure in the market place.



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