How To Make More Money With Less Work By Re-Purposing

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make-more-money-repurposingHave you ever thought about re-purposing your product or service to make more money in your business?

If you make products then you may not necessarily be able to so much re-purpose your product as find other ways to sell it and therefore increase volume of sales and therefore be able make more of the same item which will cut back your time in trying to make a wider range of products to get sales.

Re-purposing Your Homemade Product For More Sales

At this stage you should have done your research and found out exactly who your ideal customer is so now all you have to do is think laterally as to what and how this client may buy your products.

The idea of this is to show different ways you could market your product and hopefully make a higher income and more profit:

  • make a quality product to start with
  • make a product that people ‘want’ to buy – you must do research for this or go from your sales figures
  • think of how to get multiple product sales (I will cover this further down)
  • are there other outlets for your product
  • figure out how to sell the same line of product over and over again

Let’s say for example you make perfumed candles.How can you benefit from the tips listed above?

Make More Money By Re-purposingYou can:

  1. box up a set of candles as gifts for birthdays, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, Mothers Day, Fathers Day, Thanksgiving and so forth. To make these packages more attractive you add a product that is not a candle, for example, for Mothers Day you may have a gift box that has a couple of perfumed votive candles but also a scarf or bracelet. Whether you make or buy this second product is up to you.
  2. you can box your candles and sell wholesale to gift stores etc.
  3. you can sell online from your own store or use the exposure of sites like EBay and Etsy
  4. you can start a home party business where you make and sell at home parties (similar to Tupperware) and at those parties you could do the selling or you could set up a home party business outlet with other women selling for you. Again in this situation you may not only sell candles but some jewelry as well.  You might even joint venture with someone who makes jewelry and sell each others products.

You can see by taking this example how you could use your product to create more sales and by making more sales you can re-purpose your product lines to be made more cost effective.

This example would suit whether you are making food items such as chutneys, clothing items for babies, or whatever. It is just a matter of sitting down and working through the process and awakening your mind to think laterally.




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