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Making Money Online With KindleFor a few years now I have read about people selling their ebooks through Kindle and to be honest, although it did interest me, I was caught up in other projects and had not followed up any information. But about four months ago I decided to give it a try with some ebooks I already had on file and loaded them up into Kindle.  I have been really pleased with the result. To the present time the only marketing I had done for the first few ebooks is through Buffer which sends links through my Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts. I have been amazed at how may I have sold so far.

I have now nearly completed everything for my new Home Business ebook series and will be launching it soon with FREE copies for a few days. I have actually loaded them up and I was planning on the launch next week, but heaven forbid, with this long heat wave that has just gone and another expected next week, I have just not got through the work as fast as I hoped.

Until I got more involved looking at the Kindle ebook shop I did not realize that you actually do not need a Kindle reader (or ebook reader of any sort) but that you can read ebooks on your PC or laptop by using the Kindle Cloud. In my mind that opened up a whole new set of readers.



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6 thoughts on “Find Out More About Making Money Online With Kindle

    1. A pleasure to share Teri. I have found the whole experience interesting and exciting and have been surprised how easy it is to start turning a dollar.

  1. Let us know when you are giving away the free copies and if we all act on it maybe we can push it into a best seller on the kindle. I have a tablet and I have over 350 books on it. It is my traveling library. My flights from Chicago to Puerto Vallarta are four or more hours plus I want to be able to read while I am in Mexico. I don’t watch TV, I’m into books so I’m one of the 37% but I should be counted as 2 because I read so much. I do have over 1500 hard cover books in my den so maybe I don’t fit in the above graphic. I have two books of my own on Kindle and will be adding another this month. Thanks for sharing the above information, it will help the writers among us know whom we are writing to.
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    1. I will let you know about the promotion William. I will be promoting it everywhere I can think of. Want to get those rankings and after sales. I too am an avid reader using both digital and hard cover. Good luck with your books.

    1. It always helps to have that extra information doesn’t it.

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