Grow Business with Managing Time in Your Home Business

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home business time managementAre you having constant trouble in finding a balance between your home business and your private life? Do you find yourself distracted by your family all the time and does this make it difficult to focus on your work?

The key to finding that perfect balance is to becoming an expert in managing time in your home business effectively so you don’t feel overloaded with work, and are able to devote quality time to your loved ones.

The graphic here shows my simple monthly planner: on an A4 piece of paper I have set up a table, 5 lines down, 7 lines across and I write in dates to suit each month.

I print it off at the beginning of every month and quickly go through it writing in the tasks I have to do. If I do not complete a task for the day I can white it out or circle it and re-schedule it for a later date, sometimes the next day or maybe even next month if it was not urgent.

Using this method I keep up with what I have to do each month, or re-schedule it if needs be. Along the bottom of the page, under the table, I write ideas that come to mind during the month that I want to work on the next month.

This is a very temporary method of keeping me on track and achieving what I want to achieve in my business. From here I have a larger board where I have all the projects I wish to achieve throughout the year.

Here are some great proactive ideas that will help you in managing time in your home business:

Plan As Much As You Can

Visualize concrete goals. Once you’re clearly set on what you want, it’s easy to plan on how to attain them. Figure out how much you want to accomplish in the amount of time you have. Every day, when you get up in the morning, set some time aside, like about 30 minutes, in order to think about how you’re going to plan your day and let it unfold exactly how you want it to.

Schedule As Much As You Can

In order to execute your plans, you have to make schedules. Scheduling can really help you to reach your goals. Sticky notes, digital diaries, cell phone reminders. They all help. You can become a pro at managing time in your home business by making to-do lists. These really help because it’s hard to keep track of everything in your mind, and you can cross off checklists going after tasks one at a time. Or even a simple table like the one above.

Keep a Diary

In the early months,or when you feel that you are not achieving what you should be achieving, it may be a good idea to keep a diary of all your thought processes. In this way, you will be able to figure out how much time you spend on productive, constructive thoughts and how much time you waste day dreaming idly. The next step would be to find a way to get rid of all the garbage/extra stuff in your mind and focus on any important actions or ideas that could lead to success. You will see that this is a really effective way to managing time in your home business.

Manage Family and Friend Contact Time

Deny access of your family or friends to the workspace within your home, at least during your work hours. You could make sure that the kids don’t disturb you, unless in emergency, or you could put up a ‘Do not disturb’ sign at the door. Remember, it takes a lot of time to focus once you’ve lost your train of thought, so distractions and interruptions must be kept to bare minimum.

Online Distractions

Other things that can distract you are social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter that you can’t just help but check every other hour while working on your laptop. So if you’re doing work that doesn’t require the internet, make sure you are disconnected to resist that urge to check your accounts or browse through multiple sites online.

A home business allows you to have tremendous amounts of freedom, but only if you’ve learned that managing time in your home business is crucial to being successful in it.

But don’t be an over achiever. You have to realize that no matter how effectively you manage your time, you can’t fit in EVERYTHING you want in your schedule, so be sure to set realistic goals.

After all you don’t want to spend 8 hours in your work area to only put in 5 hours of work. That is why your time management and your continual assessment of the use of your time is so important.



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6 thoughts on “Grow Business with Managing Time in Your Home Business

  1. Just reading this post makes me want to pursue some new ideas to get more organized! I work part time from home in a family business and need all the help I can get! Thanks for sharing your expertise and ideas!

    1. Happy to help Sheree. I hope you do find this helps. When I implemented it my output really zoomed away.

  2. OMG, my planner is identical – a blank form I fill in then color code for 2 businesses, personal, civic and blog. And I use pencil because…. well, you know… 🙂 Tammie does a joint schedule for our blog and gets it to me at least 2 weeks before the beginning of a month. It all helps for certain!

    1. Glad you find it helps Carolina, it most certainly did help my output but also cleared my mind for better work.

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