12 Marketing Skills for Home Based Business Owners

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marketing-skillsDeveloping Marketing Skills

Of course there are many reasons why people go into their own home business but I would estimate that very few go into it because they are great marketers. More is the pity for them though because marketing skills are one of the essentials of having a successful business.

If it is not a love of yours then you need to get your head around the fact that ‘you can’t have a successful business if you hide.’

Developing A Marketing Mindset

When you decide to go into business you are all excited about your product and this is a brilliant time to set up your marketing.  Assuming you have done your research into the fact that you have a market for your product and you know what the competition is, you are at your peak about knowing who your ideal customer is.

At this very time, right at the beginning, before you start, (get the idea :)…) you need to sit down and work out a 12 month marketing plan.

You see once you get started on selling your product/service (or making your product, whatever the case may be) you tend to get so involved in doing that, that you stop thinking about your marketing.

All of a sudden the honeymoon period is over and you are wondering why your business is dropping off.

The simple reason is that you did not give it the same marketing energy that you did at the beginning. In fact after the honeymoon period you need to even be more aggressive with your marketing because you need to keep in the forefront of the mind of your customer.

That is why you need to have a written marketing plan before you even open your doors.

What Does Marketing Involve

Apart from the usual marketing/advertising that we are all aware of, marketing as of and in itself goes a lot deeper than that.

Marketing encompasses:

  1. business presentation
  2. product presentation when on show
  3. packaging of product
  4. display set ups
  5. banners, etc
  6. slogans
  7. brochures
  8. business cards
  9. website
  10. blog writing
  11. video presentations
  12. personal presentation

You can see that with this list of marketing techniques you need to become a marketing guru if you want your business to succeed.

After looking at it and deciding you cannot do it yourself then it is one area of your business where you need to employ someone to do it as it is totally essential to the long term success of your business.

If you realize that these things are not within your skill set then you need to budget for them in your set up budget and in your monthly budget.

It can be a lot of fun being involved in marketing and very exciting when you see the results. Maybe you have to pay someone to kick you off for say, the first six months, then develop those skills yourself as your business settles down.

Overall Marketing Skills

To make marketing successful consideration has to be given to catching the attention of the reader and to do this you need to understand that there are several prerequisites. If you understand the use of the following then you will be well on your way to succeeding.

  • the use of keywords in titles
  • always using a call to action button or statement
  • know when the best time is to market, remembering that you market before an even not just when it has already arrived
  • use enticing headings
  • use interesting catch phrases
  • make sure the name is clear
  • make sure the contact details are obvious – phone, website, address
  • put an urgency to the marketing by giving an end date or time
  • use text that is clear and easy to read at a glance
  • be in control of your budget

Keep these tips in mind and you won’t go too far wrong.






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