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Men Making Money Online Writing eBooksWith the access to the internet people are continually searching for information that they can download immediately.  Men have a lot of knowledge that they can share and if they feel that they would like to do this they can write their own product or they can outsource the final product to a copywriter.

Writing and selling ebooks can bring in a very nice income over time and not only that it can be a passive income for quite some time depending on the topic.

Outsourcing Your Writing

There are many places that you can outsource your writing to such as,, and there are hundreds of websites offering writing services.

With some writers:

  • you can just tell them what you want the product to be about or
  • you can write your paragraph topics and get them to write to them, or
  • you could go a step further and write the chapters titles and also bullet points to write to.

It all depends on how much input you want to put into it.

Do make sure though that your product is full of information and not just a ‘chat’ book because if you sell quality information products you will soon build up a good reputation.

Selling Your Products is one of the main places to sell ebooks and reports and if you have several products you will get a strong following after a period of time. Their Kindle site offers a wide range of catalogues in which to list your products. Others sites are Clickbank,,, or others.

It is a matter of researching to see what each site offers and what would suit your particular product.

Add Value To Your Product

You can add great value to your product by not only selling the ebook but also giving away an audio copy.  This is a very favorable way to sell, especially ‘how to’ books so that people can listen and take action at the same time, or listen while driving to work or exercising.

Marketing Your Product

It is important to realize that it is not just a matter of writing and listing your product though, it will need to be marketed and social websites are excellent for this. Sites such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest and the like.

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