The New Home Business Phenomenon And How To Succeed

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New Home BusinessDid you know that over 2 Million Americans now run a home based business?  In Australia figures are showing that there is also a definite increase in home business owners over the past two years and growing.

It is all well and good for people to start home based businesses but what they do need to realize is that there a number of skills that they need to ensure that they need or need to outsource to make their business successful and income earning in the long term.

So let’s look at what skills you need if you are going to be a home business owner:

  • finance understanding, including record keeping
  • purchasing
  • selling techniques
  • accountability
  • marketing
  • importantly, internet skills

Fortunately, some of these skills can be outsourced for ever, or for just the length of time that it takes a home business owner to gain them.  It is possible to pay a local person to work on an hourly rate if the work is not much, but if the jobs are bigger they might be able to be outsourced. One of the beauties of outsourcing online is that you can deal with it outside your work hours so it does not affect your skills based work.

How To Keep Business Rolling In

If I said to you, that as a new business owner, you will lose enthusiasm for telling everyone about your new business after about 5 months you probably wouldn’t believe me because you are still so excited that you cannot see that the excitement will wain but it does. It is not that you are not enthusiastic about the business as such, but you get so caught up in working the business that you find your effort in marketing slipping as you get busy. That is why you will have to set up some home business strategies to suit your business type.

But believe me, after 30 years in business, I can tell you it will take an effort from you to keep marketing your business or you will find that after your present ‘busy spell’ you will have no more business and you will have to start all over again finding clients.

That is why you must market every day, or have a process in place that puts your name in front of potential clients every day.

It is more competitive out in the market place than it was some years ago so a new home business owner has to realize that:

  • their place of work is not visual to clients
  • having finance to back them up for a period of time is important
  • selling and communication skills are an absolute essential
  • marketing is an absolute must (this can be done online for a lot of businesses a little cost)

Marketing Skills

In that vein a home business owner needs to seriously look at what marketing is going to best suit their business and where they are going to do it. It is not a task that can be avoided. In my mind there is no new business that can grow and survive if they do not market.  It just is not an option.

Marketing is a task that has to be carried out every day and for the length of the business.  You just cannot afford to have your business name drop out of a potential customers thought.

Out of Sight is Out of Mind AND you most definitely do not want that to happen to you.



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2 thoughts on “The New Home Business Phenomenon And How To Succeed

    1. We can easily be forgotten if we don’t market every day Denys. New home business owners need to understand that for their own success.

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