Online Marketing For Home Business is a Must

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online marketing home businessScheduling Time for Online Marketing of a Home Business is Essential to its Success

It has been many years now that businesses have needed to have their own website.  Whether the website be a blog or a static site, it is imperative that a business has a web presence.

It might sound easy setting up a website, but it is the optimizing and marketing of a home business website that helps get noticed by the search engines. There is a lot more to just having a website.  With over 12Billion websites listed worldwide you can understand that there is a huge amount of website marketing in order to get your site recognized.

Marketing your website is more about consistency and quality content than just a lot of content that is not of any value.  The best way to initially get your website recognized is to get a reasonable amount of SEO content up on the website then add an SEO article to it once or twice a week.  Eventually you will most likely start getting comments and this will allow you go build up a good customer base as well.

I am an advocate that businesses need to market and present their business online. I believe that local competition is so fierce today that a home business owner needs to have another source of exposure for their business and that is best gotten from being online.

Sales Online

There are 3 basic ways that a small home based business can get sales online and that is:

  1. their own well marketed website which could be a blog/sales site or a sales site
  2. an auction site like eBay or some other similar commercial site
  3. a specialized site for selling, such as , Etsy, Kindle.Amazon for ebooks

The best thing to do is have your own site and domain name but also sell on these other sites as well and that way you can target different clients from different markets. You get a wider exposure base as well.

Selling online means that you have to become known to as many different search engines as possible, and of course, there are hundreds of those as well. And don’t forget that social media plays a huge role in selling today.

It becomes quite a challenge for home based business owners to divide their time between income earning work and promotion.

Social Media Activity

Personally I am not a great lover of social media but I cannot deny that it is a great method to get exposure for your business. In saying that it has to be used with some sort of method otherwise your time will be wasted.  You need to have a marketing plan, a process for consistent marketing and as much of your work automated as you possibly can.

The thing is that so much of the marketing work can be outsourced as you start earning money and that is a good thing because it can save you a lot of time.








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