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organizing businessHow Do You Keep On Track When Life Gets In The Way Of Your Business

I have had a week that has just romped away. Later today my husband is going in for a knee operation and I seem to have spent the time running him around to doctors and anywhere I can think of to get jobs done before he comes home and needs some attention for a couple of days.

He has been in so much pain for over a month now that I have had to do so much more for him.

The result of all that is that I seem to have had very little concentrated time at the computer and it has been a struggle to keep up to date with my work. I still haven’t started two coaching course I bought in early April!

Lists, Lists and more Lists

That is the only way I have been able to get through the work that I have needed to in the past few weeks. If I did not have a list beside me I would never have remembered what had priority as I had so many tasks, large and small to complete.

I love the Fluro Post-it notes and I have several running at a time right beside my computer.

Why Do I Have Flouro Post-its?

Well there are two reasons:

  1. I am a ‘color person’ and bright colors keep me energized and motivated – I love looking at them just to get an energy buzz
  2. They are so noticeable that I don’t forget that I have jobs to do and I am therefore constantly working from them, refreshing them and reorganizing tasks.

My Monthly Planner
As well as those to do lists on flouro, which have urgent tasks and ‘sometime’ tasks on them, I have a monthly planner.  In fact, if something is really urgent or it is a top priority I also put it on my internet calendar!  Surely I can’t forget it with all those reminders…and I don’t.

I have just sent my monthly planner out to my mini-course database, so why not sign up here to receive such beneficial help with your business for FREE.





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