Profitable Home Business Ideas Which Carry Low Stock

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Profitable Home BusinessEver since technology introduced us to the wonder of internet, laptops, mobile smart phones and other such gadgets that connect us to millions of people around the globe, the growth in home based businesses has been tremendous. Now, stay at home moms can make some extra cash to make ends meet while taking care of their children at the same time, and even people working jobs with fixed hours can come back home and run a business in their spare time. As well as that many people in the over 50 age bracket are making the decision to start a home based business rather than fight and try to get back into the work force after being retrenched.

There are many home businesses that have recently been booming, and among the most profitable ones are as follows:

Consultants and advisers

From business consultants and fashion consultants to financial advisers, this forms a diverse category. This is perfect for those people who are qualified or knowledgeable in an established area. Those people who have got a diploma in a particular field can use their expertise to form a home based business that can yield amazingly profitable results. For example, women who have a knack for style and a good eye for color can have a fashion advisory company for those office going women who don’t have enough time for their wardrobe.

Or alternatively they can become interior decorators, again for people who don’t have the time to go shopping to find the desired effect for home decor.

 Event Planner

Also, if you love to arrange and plan events, then you can become an event planner. Organizing fund raising campaigns or a wedding or a large party can be very beneficial financially, as you’ll be amazed at the amount of money people are willing to dish out to make sure their special day goes perfect.


Brokers are more commonly known as ‘middle men’. These company agents help customers and entrepreneurs make the right decision regarding any particular deal, while at the same time eliminating errors that can lead to loss of money and make a certain percentage of the benefit made out of the deal to your own home based business company. This way both you and the customer benefit out of the same deal. Company agents can help consumers deal in different kinds of business such as used cars, house purchases, insurance, medical groups, and so on.

The special characteristics of such people are that they have to do their jobs with complete secrecy. In order to become a broker, you need to have extensive knowledge about finance and bookkeeping, at the same time having good persuasion and discussion techniques.  The percentage profit that you take for yourself can vary according to the size of the dealings, for example, from 5 percent to as much as 15 percent. Most brokers start with small town dealings and then gradually climb their way up to larger deals such as merges and purchases, making more profit this way.

If you wish to become a broker then do check with your government and see whether or not you are required to be licensed for what you want to manage.

Pet Sitting

  • Pet sitting increased by more than seven times from 1993 to 1998, and is considered to be a profitable home based business industry.
  • It is ideal for those people who love animals. Therefore, you can earn money while enjoying the work that you do.
  • The initial capital required to start your pet sitting business is very low, from around five hundred to three thousand dollars.
  • You can an immediate turnover for your investment, and an hourly rate for services makes it easy to keep track on profits. Average rates range from eight to twenty four dollars per hour, depending on the kind of pet that you sit.

As you will have seen from the above profitable business, they do not involve carrying a lot of stock which can be a high cost in running a business, especially if the stock is seasonal with no guarantee of getting rid of all your stock.

Don’t forget that all of these businesses will require some serious marketing online and possible offline to get the best possible results.



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    1. I agree Sue, especially if you have young children or if you are older and do not want to commute to work any more. Then again, of course, those with children in their teens can usually put more time into a home business and really give it some juice.

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