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Profitable Home Based Businesses For MenNowadays, home based businesses are the perfect way for men to earn an income from the comfort of their home. There are many such businesses that are especially tailored to suit men. Among many of these jobs, some are as follows:

 Locating Antique Cars

This is an ideal job for those men that had a passion for vehicles. It simply requires you to look out and have a keen eye for vintage or unusual vehicles that can be placed in galleries or which can be refurbished  and possibly sold on to enthusiasts and collectors.

There are two ways to make a profit.

  1. For the refurbished car you will make a profit from all your work and a percentage of the sale, about 5% – 10%, or
  2. With a direct sale of a located care you will make only the percentage of the sale which is about 5% – 10%.

Then again, it depends how you sell the car.  You may sell through a broker for a commission or you may sell it yourself.

The only disadvantage is that there is no guarantee of consistency of profits, because you can sometimes end up making very little profit, and sometimes make huge profits if you discover a gem of an antique car that people will be willing to spend large sums of money over.

The initial costs for setting up such a home based business may be low if you are refurbishing for a client, but if you are buying the vehicle yourself then obviously costs will initially be higher. Eventually you may even be able to get a bank to give you a loan to buy the cars which allows for a fluctuating balance. This is an ideal business for men who have good contacts with people who are willing to buy and sell rare cars. One quick tip is to run classifies ads in the newspaper sections so that more and more people get to know about the kind of services you are offering.


One on one coaching has come into fashion in the last few years, and it remains substantially popular to date. In fact it is a growing business niche. Coaching is often also coupled with advice, inspiration and other types of support to people.

While coaching can be done in any field, for men one of the fun businesses would be fitness coaching. This proves to be a great home based business as it requires you to be in tip top shape, so it boosts your health as well. Hours are flexible as you can alter the timings that you give to people according to your commitments.

Starting a fitness center or creating a gym at your own house requires little space, and can be confined to one room only. Also, the start up cost for such a business is quite low, and you begin profiting as soon as your people join your home fitness center. You can charge people hourly or monthly rates.

You should have a basic first aid certificate and any certification you can take in your area of expertise would help with your credibility.

If you do not have a room at home you can start working through a local gym until you can build up a client base then finance a room at home for your activities.

Fixing Items and Maintenance

Many men who like physical work find this job quite appealing. All you require is a knack for fixing things, and a general knowledge about how home items functions. If you can build up your reputation this can be a very consistent income as home owners today are under pressure to get work done. As well as that you can tout your business around to property managers and pick up a significant work flow from them if you have a good work ethic.

Technical Repair Work

If you are experienced you can create a home business in fixing computers or fix cellular software that has been corrupted by viruses or malware. All you need is enough technical skills to accomplish the job. Start up costs for this home based business is almost insignificant and it means that you could operate it solely at your home or you could develop it to such an extent that you go out to businesses to fix their computer systems.

Home Businesses For Men should be set up professionally

Even though you may find something that you like and would consider as a home business do make sure that you run it as a business and not as a hobby. That is often one of the main mistakes of people working at home, they don’t develop a business mindset to ensure that they are profitably successful!

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2 thoughts on “Profitable Home Businesses For Men

  1. Great tips for men, Kaye. I heard of a man who started a handyman business and calls it “Hire A Husband.”

    My auto mechanic works from his home. He’s a good mechanic and his prices are really affordable. His work is by appointment so my car gets his total attention and the job is completed quickly.

    I have a theory that we are coming full cycle back to the time when most folks worked for themselves and had home based businesses. It just makes sense in this crazy world economy.

    1. I agree Julia, and being someone who has had businesses where I lived on the premises, like the wedding reception business, and then later businesses where I worked at home I am so aware of the hours in ones life that are spent traveling and away from the family. Such a waste of time. Anything up to 3 hrs or more a day, 15hrs a week, over 700 hrs a year sitting in a vehicle. Life is too valuable to waste that time.

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