How to Repurpose Blog Content

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Why Should You Re-purpose Blog Content?


As time goes by and we end up with several hundred blogs on our site the older blogs do not get visited very frequently as their links have been buried in the past somewhere.

B. Save a lot of time

You can save a lot of time on research and coming up with new ideas for blog posts which means that you can have your valuable content out in the market place in a variety of places.

C. Blog Content can be used for Online and Offline Marketing

When you re-purpose blog content valuable tips can be shared by you in the media, on flyers, on handouts or any other way that you choose to market your business offline.

5 Different Ways to Re-purpose Blog Content and Benefit

So by re-purposing we are using those keywords and points again without exact repetition. BUT the point is we can use the same content but in different methods of marketing.

Writing another blog post

When we do write the initial post there are a number of points in that content that are important to what you are trying to convey. We do this without even thinking about it because we are familiar with the content. So the way to re-purpose your blog is to upgrade the details you have mentioned in the first post.  You have two choices:

  • if the content is not being changed much then you can use the same blog and change the ‘publish date’ to a recent date;
  • but if you are going to rewrite a reasonable amount of the post because of new content then you may just use the older blog as the skeleton of a new post using different keywords

Add a new graphic and the new keyword. All this can be done rather quickly and presto…you have a new blog.  THEN you just need to follow your blog strategies for promoting the blog.

Promoting your blog post

Now that you have revamped your blog you need to add excerpts to Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and also bookmark it into the bookmarking sites.  Also add topical graphics to Pinterest where you encourage people to either visit the blog or download anything else you may have designed relating to the blog itself.

 Put together a content upgrade

To do this you work out from your content what would be helpful to the reader in terms of carrying out what you are telling them about. The idea of this is that they can download it and keep your business in mind when they want more information.   Of course, anything that you allow someone to download should be through an Optin Form bringing you in more contacts for your database.

The upgrade could be:

  • a checklist,
  • a list of links,
  • a short workbook
  • an infographic or
  • whatever would be suitable.

Write an ebook

If you have written several posts on a particular topic then you might like to organize those into an ebook.  You could publish this ebook into Amazon or somewhere similar, or just use it for a FREE giveaway to get:

  • more signups to your database,
  • as a bonus item to a course, or
  • purely just for your database.

Using the content for other information based products

Other formats you can utilize could be:

  • making an audio,
  • a podcast,
  • slides via Slideshare,
  • an article loaded into the Article Directories, or
  • a video for YouTube.

You can see how there are so many ways you can utilize your content.

When you are using this type of strategy don’t knock yourself out trying to put up 3 or 4 blog posts a week.  If you are using this strategy frequently then 1 blog post every 7-10 days is fine.  You might wonder at this length of time but the theory behind this is that with all that extra content going out and being listed in other places your blog is going to get a tremendous lot of traffic anyway without trying to write a new blog post every day or so.

I hope you have visualized some ideas that you can use to make your older content available again and also to expand your reach in order to gain more traffic and more sign ups to your database.














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