What To Sell By Party Plan For A Home Business

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Home Business Party PlanThe question of what to sell by party plan if you wanted to start a party plan business is certainly an interesting question. In all the years I have had businesses the ones I have enjoyed the most have been my retail businesses.  I just love selling something to a client and know that they are 100% happy with their purchase.

Home Party Plan Business Ideas

There are a number of considerations:

  1. are you going to make your own products
  2. are you going to make your own products and supplement with others
  3. are you going to do the selling or just the making
  4. are you going to have people making for you and you organize a sales team
  5. do you want to build up a team of salespeople
  6. do you want to just purchase products and not be involved on the manufacturing

These are basic questions but very important ones so to answer these questions read on:

  1. If you are making and selling then it does usually mean that you are limiting your income to the hours that you can put into the business.
  2. If you make and supplement you could hold more parties
  3. Do you want to be involved in selling and will you have the time or will your business suffer – usually I have found that if you try to do both neither works that well because your focus is being divided
  4. You may like to contract out the making and just do the organizing of selling and distribution
  5. You may like to do the making but commission a sales manager to build a team and distribute the products
  6. You may not want to be involved in any way with making anything but just purchase from wholesale suppliers and sell yourself or take the option of putting on a commission sales manager

All of these methods of running a party plan business can be very successful with the right organization with the big difference being the size of the operation you want and consequently the difference in income and time involvement.

At this point you can decide on what to sell and that decision also needs careful consideration.  You may already make products and know that they are popular and you could expand on that course.

But if you want to purchase products then you need to do some research and find out what the market place is demanding at the time. Of course, the benefit of this choice is that you can chop and change products easily to follow the market demand. Although do be careful not to over order in case a demand drops off.

A tip for popular items:

  • baby clothes or toys (grandmothers, aunts and new moms just can’t help themselves, bless them, I know the felling!)
  • jewelry especially if it is a little unique
  • unique style clothing
  • beauty products, especially organic
  • decor items that are the latest rage
  • practical household items
  • items suitable for engagement, wedding and birthday presents

I hope all these ideas have given you food for thought.  The party plan style of selling is certainly exciting and can be very profitable.  Look at Avon and Tupperware…. how many years have they been doing it!!



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